Yamaha stunt rider and Isle of Man TT Pro Back Road Safety Campaign


YAMAHA stunt rider Dave Coats and Isle of Man TT pro John McGuinness are helping Northumbria Police and Road Respect keep cyclists safe on the region’s roads this cycling season.

Shocking figures reveal that 17% of motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured on our roads and the two motorcycle professionals, along with the police, help educate motorcyclists on how to ride safely.

They provided videos to promote a regional road safety campaign, as part of Global Road Safety Week, and motorcycle garages, Ian Bell Yamaha Bedlington and Vertu BMW Boldon, loaned bikes for the shoot.

Traffic Safety Sgt. Jane Munro believes that road safety is an indefinite campaign and that no one should get complacent on our roads.

Sgt Munro said, “We are very grateful to John and Dave for their support as it gives a strong message that the safety of motorcyclists is paramount.

“The police can share these messages of course, but I think when they come from such respected icons in the cycling community, it resonates more with the people we are trying to get the messages to.

“It’s not just a two week campaign for us. Road safety is a message throughout the year that we would like to get across to all runners and will continue to do so throughout the year.

“We want to make sure that all motorcyclists learn to ride safely. It’s a frightening statistic that 69% of motorcycle crashes are caused by inexperience.

“It is also very important to perform the correct maintenance on your vehicle and to make sure that the correct safety equipment is worn.

“We live in a beautiful part of the country with many areas that attract motorcyclists because of the scenic roads and scenic views along the way.

“We want people to enjoy and ride safely, but to be able to recognize some of the dangers they may face when riding a motorcycle, wherever they ride, in order to reduce the number. of road injuries and fatalities.

“It is also a message to other road users to be vigilant around motorcyclists on our roads and to look once, to look twice and to think cycling.”

Echo of the North:

The force’s motorized patrol teams worked in conjunction with Road Respect, part of the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative (NSRI), to help promote road safety in the cycling community and reduce the number of collisions on the roads of the region.

This initiative is part of World Road Safety Week, an initiative to raise awareness and ensure the safety of road users.

Watch the video here

For more information on road safety, follow @NPRoadSafety on Twitter or search for Road Respect online.


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