Woman drives 500 miles for driving test – and fails

A woman traveled 500 miles by car and ferry to pass what is believed to be the UK’s easiest driving test – and failed. Constance Kampfner drove all the way from London to the Isle of Mull, having chosen the test route after discovering it only had one roundabout. But she was disappointed after the test when her instructor told her, “I don’t like talking about people who fail their tests. Think of it as if you weren’t passing.

Tsunami-hit man swims for 24 hours

A Tongan man swept away by the tsunami drifted and swam between the islands for more than 24 hours. Lisala Folau, a retired disabled carpenter, told Tonga radio station Broadcom FM that he swam and floated from his island of Atata via two other uninhabited islands to finally reach the main island of Tongatapu, a distance total of approximately 13 kilometres. Erika Radewagen, an Olympic-level swimming official from the Pacific, described Folau’s achievement as “absolutely incredible.”

Burglar rescued from chimney

In the United States, firefighters rescued a suspected intruder after he got stuck in a chimney. The resident of a Maryland home heard a mysterious rustling and called the police, but officers left after finding no signs of an attempted break-in. The resident said an hour later he heard moans coming from inside a wall and called the police again. Officers then discovered that an unknown person was trapped inside the fireplace of the house.

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