Where UK overseas property is investing…

A new breakdown has been released of the nationalities of overseas buyers investing in UK homes – believed to be predominantly buy-to-let and often multiple unit buyers.

Research, from mortgage broker Henry Dannell, shows that when it comes to the most active overseas buyers, Hong Kong is leading the charge. There are some 23,524 homes owned by Hong Kong nationals in the UK, worth an estimated £10.7billion.

While Jersey residents own the second most homes (18,493), they are second in the rankings when it comes to total market value, at just over £8.3billion.

Singapore nationals make up the third largest share with 18,165 homes owned with a total value of just over £8.4billion.

Some 13,076 homes with an estimated market value of £5.5 billion are owned by owners in the United States of America.

Properties registered in Ireland (12,056), Guernsey (11,594), United Arab Emirates (10,914), Malaysia (10,177), Isle of Man (9,338) and Australia (8,619) complete the top 10.

Henry Dannell’s manager, Geoff Garrett, comments: “Not only is the real estate market incredibly diverse in terms of inventory availability and the value of that inventory from region to region, but there is also a host of of nationalities residing there.

“This overseas interest has helped boost the housing market economy to the tune of billions of pounds and we remain one of the most popular destinations for ambitious overseas homeowners.”

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