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Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from May 18-25. The data is compiled from public records.


Transfers from May 18 to 25


Dialita Drive 73: Adrian M. Troescher to Kevin Troescher, don.

Dorothy Drive 145: 3CG LLC to Green Homes REM LLC, $ 66,000.

Gerrie Court 328: Jason A. Langley and Chrystal Garcia to Brittany Abadie and Alessandro P. Dextre, $ 165,000.

Jeanne Drive 116: Sharon Rodriguez and Deanna Perez at Devin Breaux, $ 105,000.

Pat Drive 649: Tri D. Bui to Dai T. Nguyen and Kieuvan T. Nguyen, $ 80,000.


Subdivision Barataria Isles Addition, lot 113: Peggy D. Tybussek and Tybussek A. Maximillian Sr. to Bryan J. Lorenzo, Janette M. Lorenzo, Frank E. Lorenzo Jr. and Sharrel L. Lorenzo, $ 210,000.

Joan Marie Drive 4945: Darren P. Darnall to Thomas Pierson, $ 310,000.

Jonathan Davis Plantation 1. Subdivision, lot 11A: Post Office Employees Credit Union to Daniel S. Zelkoff and Johnathan D. Breaux, $ 43,514.74.


Chee Chee Lane 110: Janathan C. Dorr Jr. and Gary J. Dorr at Marrone Investments LLC, $ 100.

Grand Isle Subdivision 26, Lot 80, Square 7: Macklyn B. Domingue to Advanced Payments of Louisiana LLC, $ 175,000.

Ocean Beach Subdivision, Lot 1, Square E: Wayne J. Stabiler Jr. to Darren Anselmi, $ 35,000.

Pelican Ponte Subdivision, Lot 34: Dean A. Cheramie to Out of Commission LLC, $ 200,000.

Saxton, Lot 9, Part of Lot 8, Square D: Cheryl B. Hebert, Dale A. Braun and Lloyd S. Hebert Jr. to Christopher F. Fernandez and Rebecca P. Fernandez, $ 50,000.


10th St. 421: Leonard Land Management LLC to Andrew S. McLetchie, $ 210,000.

19th St. 926: Depei Y. Wu to Thu T. Le, donation.

Anson St. 621: Matthew C. Martinec and Emily D. Martinec to Bailey Landry, $ 319,900.

Azalea Drive 42: Vincent B. Burnetter to Clement G. Machala and Deborah A. Machala, $ 211,400.

Bellevue Park subdivision, lot 15, square 4: Hubert J. Junca and Martha J. Junca to Ruth CB Richards, Amy M. Brown and Ruth C. Brown-Richard, $ 359,900.

Hamilton Street 421: Tiffany Smith to Renee Thomas, $ 351,000.

Rue Hawkins 145: Therese R. Johnson to Lindsey R. Caillouet, $ 216,000.

Avenue Hector 148: AR Inv. LP and Vakili Family Trust to TRW Holdings LLC, $ 2,500,000.

Jason Lane 3301: Hector Cedano at Eybi AM Escobar, $ 300,000.

Lafayette St. 305-7: Gretna Rentals LLC to Dogris Properties LLC, $ 208,000.

Northbrook Drive 2200: Faye Z. Tiemann, Richard D. Tiemann Jr., Sheri TZ Raj, Suzanne T. Cupit and Sheri Z. Tiemann to Jennifer D. Jones, $ 242,000.

Palfrey St. 1720: Valjon CM Lyons to Corey Keys and Emily L. Keys, $ 245,000.

Penwood Drive 2904: Penwood Group LLC to Peter A. Mosby Jr., $ 250,000.

Southwood Drive 256: Linda A. Petersen to Jensentran LLC, $ 155,000.

Stafford St. 1924: Willis E. Hill to Zol DF Maldonado and Gladiola F. Maldonado, $ 100,000.

Terry Parkway 103: Ali Movahed, Arlene B. Movahed and Kimberly M. Trosclair at 103 Terry Parkway LLC, $ 675,000.

12th St. 950-52: Gretna Leasing LLC to Restoration Nola LLC, $ 155,000.

Willow Drive 258: Carolyn Vinot to Barrett S. Burgdahl, $ 200,000.


2832 Max Drive 2828: Ted TT Nguyen and Khiet TV Nguyen at KR Williams Property Developers LLC, $ 55,000.

2nd Ave. 518: Moya Investments LLC to JM Property Investments LLC, $ 28,000.

2nd Avenue 530: Deodorizit LLC to Sidney R. Barthe Jr., $ 165,000.

Apollo Ave. 2520: Herbert L. Gay and Meredith G. Waltemyer to Rachele C. Paul, $ 229,000.

Rue Chalmette 533: Christy Nepveaux and Glen C. Gegenheimer to Wilson A. Nunez, $ 90,000.

Fairmont Ave. 446-48: Laura Miller to Lauralyn Fasullo and Edward Miller Jr., don.

Fos Ave. 408: SJC Crescent Holdings LLC to Janika Sumas and Fredrica Thompson, $ 198,000.

Boulevard Lapalco 3701: Heebe & Heebe Rentals LLC to My Home Rental Properties LLC, $ 450,000.

Loch Lomand Drive 1321: Leroy H. Treadwell and Yvonne Treadwell to Dung Q. Pham and Khoa D. Le, $ 135,000.

Lynnbrook Drive 2489: Elaine Walker to Jacinta Johnson, $ 135,000.

Avenue Macarthur 507: Nancy J. Stravinsky and Patrick J. Mayeux to Deborah G. Gomez, $ 158,000.

Manhattan Blvd 2948, Unit 213: Gay L. Griffith and Gay Lynn Griffith Family Trust to Paradise Regained LLC, $ 71,500.

Maplewood Drive 1357: Richard Bellanger Jr. to Byron J. Parker II and Morgan Parker, $ 157,000.

N. Chipwood Drive 4024: Adolfina Fermin to Ana L. Zapata-Dolmo, $ 175,000.

Nathan Kornman Drive 3933: Elegant Houses LLC to Mohamed Jones and Shannon M. Savage, $ 220,000.

Nathan Kornman Drive 4029: Troy L. Lambert and Ian M. Lambert to Bernadette Lambert, donation.

2nd Ave. 508-10: S&G Boardwalk LLC to Keith A. James Sr. and Keyshawn James, $ 157,000.

Stall Drive 2313: Joseph JW Cummins IV to Joseph JW Cummins Jr., donation.

Telstar Street 2282: Bruce A. Mcckay and Julie Wedgeworth to Barbara S. Foy, $ 112,734.02.

Wedgwood Drive 1849: Sam J. Landry Sr. and Angela W. Landry to Brandon Leonard and Kristy Leonard, $ 400,000.


Tap St. 5120: Tabitha D. Davis in Lesa Parria, donation.


4th Ave. 6213-15: John A. Dufrene and Kathy MP Dufrene at CM Investments LLC, $ 122,500.

4th avenue 6217-19: John A. Dufrene and Kathy M. Perret at CM Investments LLC, $ 122,500.

4th St. 4824: Clark Lane Investments LLC to Mohammed Y. Jamhour, $ 243,000.

9th St. 6508: Melanie Bomersbach to Nathan Coleman, $ 113,650.

Allo Ave. 1405: John E. Butler and Alice Harris to Steven G. Dejean and Shone Roberts, $ 225,000.

boulevard Ames. 3837: John A. Caminita III and Jenna Caminita to Andrea Sterling, $ 130,000.

Anchor Drive 2605: Keith P. Pollet Jr. to Jose NM Norman and Mariel D. Norman, $ 252,000.

Avenue F. 718: Steven C. Foght and Nicole Foght to Robert Lauricella and Daphne Cotten, $ 255,000.

Bald Eagle Park 4520: Barataria Park LLC to Bon Builders LLC, $ 58,000.

Bald Eagle Park 4541: Barataria Park LLC to Bon Builders LLC, $ 63,500.

Bald Eagle Park 4561: Barataria Park LLC to Bao Q. Tran and Trang T. Tran, $ 54,900.

Bayou Estates subdivision, lots 1-11: K. Le and Cai T. Le loan to Team Levu LLC, $ 220,000.

Blue Heron Trace 2595: Davidson K. Fisher and Kristina Fisher to Luis Laing and Rebeca Castro, $ 305,000.

Bonaire Drive 2052: JBL Properties Ltd to David Teames and Meagan E. Kilborn, $ 297,350.

Bonnie Ann Drive 1845: Oscar M. Mendez to Brunetta P. Keith, $ 235,000.

Bonnie Ann Drive 2100: Georgette S. Alhatel in Monique Hill, $ 162,800.

Canyon Drive 2501: KM Homes Real Estate LLC to Dionne M. Williams, $ 240,000.

Corinne Drive 2757: RIR Investments LLC to Sasha Poche, $ 207,000.

Dove Ave. 2720: Jennifer M. Berthelot to Emily Barback and Christopher M. Hackett, $ 179,000.

Rue Frazier 2559: DSLD Homes LLC to Man T. Nguyen, $ 270,015.

Garden Road 816: 504 Properties LLC to Delmy L. Hernandez, $ 125,000.

Harrier Place 2200: Barataria Park LLC to Nola Comfort LLC, $ 45,000.

Jamie Lynn Drive 3844: Hanh N. Phi to Bill Castaneda, $ 169,900.

Jared Lane 2621: Tyler A. Guidry and Angelika I. Guidry to Kirk J. Tully, $ 259,000.

Long Branch Drive 2657: Delaney T. Weaver to Jimmy J. Laird and Roynesia A. Brumfield, $ 266,500.

Nicholson Place Subdivision, Lot 1B, Square J: Jts Management LLC to Us Stable P1 6721 Westbank Expy Marrero LLC, $ 2,030,000.

Oak St. 929: Lien N. Nguyen and Quoc TV Hoang to Thi T. Tran and Cat T. Pham, $ 185,000.

Oakview Drive 2136: Henry McCloud Jr. and Marilyn D. McCloud to Henry McCloud Jr. and McCloudTrust, donation.

Pearl Subdivision, Lot 94, Square 7: Cory J. Orgeron to Lisa M. Krupa and Jan M. Mansfield, $ 368,000.

Peregrine Circle 2203: Barataria Park LLC to Bon Builders LLC, $ 65,500.

Phil Lane 2732: Brandon R. Leonard and Kristy P. Leonard to Brianna B. Glover, $ 210,000.

Quinn Drive 2812: DSLD Homes LLC at Tyron Hutton, $ 246,565.

Red Oak Drive 4741: Tina MS Gorumba to Roger J. Gorumba Jr., $ 46,000.

Regina Coeli Court 4073: Justin Rowell and Amanda Rowell to Soma Mukherjee and Dipaloke Mukherjee, $ 185,000.

Robinson Ave. 929: Stephanie Roussell and Anderson Mitchell to Marcus J. Taylor, $ 10,100.

Robinson Avenue Addition lot 18, square 2: Danny Payne to Lehman M. Hunt, $ 4,000.

Runnymede Drive 7424: Brunetta P. Keith to Darielle Shy, $ 175,000.

Seagull Drive 2637: Ravelle Jones to Jennifer R. Bonura and Thomas F. Kerner Jr., $ 249,900.


Apollo St. 206: Joner A. Interiano to Heide L. Velasquez-Villatoro, donation.

Deerfield Road 583: LP Construction LLC in Zandra Manzanares, $ 256,000.

Farmington Place 1930: Leontine R. Lang to Hernan A. Gonzalez and Maria Gonzalez, $ 105,000.

Layburn Court 129: Charles Dibartolo II to Atonyia Hurst, donation.

S. Butterfly Circle 2112: Luis Calles to Benito Calles Sr., donation.

Boulevard Stumpf. 1732: Minacore Investments LLC to Car Fit Inc., $ 500,000.

Terrytown 6, Subdivision, Lot 15A, Square 49: Claylee Williams and Daniel P. Jackson Jr. to Robin Clavier, $ 200,500.


Gardenia Lane 116: Ivanette A. Guilbeaux to Daniel L. Kruebbe Sr., $ 135,000.

Lotissement Latigue Estates, lot 22: Tiara DW Tellock to Reve Inc., $ 70,000.

Live Oak Plantation Estates Addition 2. Subdivision, Lot 1, Square A: Rivet Dragline & Marsh Buggy Co. Inc. to Lakewood Development LLC, $ 428,500.

W. Kayla Lane 9558: Coast Builders LLC to Jamaal L. Williams, $ 310,400.

W. Kayla Lane 9750: Coast Builders LLC to Gerald Hunter Sr. and Philip Hunter, $ 412,550.


Avenue A. 1034: Philip J. Alleman Jr., Phylis A. Anderson, Patricia A. Blum, Ronald J. Alleman Sr., Donald J. Alleman, Lori A. Melanson and Amy A. Cressonie to Andrea S. Duran and Jaime A. Duran, $ 168,000.

Avenue C. 902: Michael V. Biondolillo, Corinna W. Biondolillo and Michael Biondolillo & Corinna Biondollilo Living Trust to Karen LW Smith, $ 95,000.

Avenue G. 653: Kelli M. Seal to Darrell P. Acosta Jr., donation.

Azalea Drive 216: Darius M. Bovie to Rene R. Tortosa, $ 83,000.

Chipley St. 719: James J. Dufrene Jr. at RPM Ventures LLC, $ 55,000.

East Drive 1233: Nicholas J. Cottone to Paul J. Neal Sr. and Shannon M. Neal, $ 179,000.

Keller Ave. 716: Steven J. Chase at Bam Andrew Holdings LLC, $ 160,000.

Keller Ave. 820: Jacob M. Dufrene Sr. to Chris J. Bonfiglio Jr. and Nicola S. Bonfiglio, $ 150,000.

Louisiana St. 206: Town of Westwego and Westwego Volunteer Fire Company 1. to Krewe of King Arthur & Merlin Inc., $ 160,000.

Whitehouse Extension Subdivision, Lot 6, Square 55: James R. Payne Jr. to Ronald Roussel, $ 35,000.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 22, square 59: Ronald F. Gervais, Betty G. Koenig, Diana MG Frasier, Ester S. Gervais and Esther G. Solari to Wendy JB Rayes, $ 135,000.

Whitehouse Subdivision, Lot 24A, Square 37: Westwego Volunteer Fire Company 1. to John A. Alario Jr., $ 58,075.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 5s 5-8, square 22: Foret Five LLC to Harris A. Camardelle and Katelynn N. Camardelle, $ 185,000.

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