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Below is a compilation of properties sold in West Jefferson Parish from June 16-21. The data is compiled from public records.


Transfers from June 16 to 21


Valentine Drive 148: Deborah Sarran and Steve M. Zibilich to Megan M. Wiesen and Matthew D. Wiesen, $ 155,000.


Caminada 3 subdivision, lot 2, square 1: Paulette D. Dufrene and Donald A. Dufrene Jr. to Cheryl M. Entremont and James M. Entremont, $ 200,000.

Cedar Lane 142: Albert C. Besson Jr. and Angie G. Besson to Monty D. Goad and Andrew T. Goad Jr., $ 140,000.

Grand Beach 2 subdivision, lot 2, square L: Louis A. Boquet and Lisa A. Boquet to Modern Day Management LLC, $ 185,000.

Ludwig Lane 214: Christopher C. Acker and Haley MT Acker to David G. Williamson and Melissa B. Williamson, $ 184,500.

Santint Lane 151: Josh Jambon Family Trust to Santiny Investment Group LLC, $ 250,000.


12th St. 319: Gretna Leasing LLC to Lisa J. Simoneaux, $ 180,000.

23rd Street 907: Steven J. Roche to Yanet Estrada and Araceli Garcia-Pineda, $ 85,500.

23rd St. 907: Leon T. Roche II and Tiffany M. Roche to Steven J. Roche, donation.

Boul. Bellemeade. 441: Sherri MB Brown to Brandon A. Noreiga and Nicole M. Noreiga, $ 265,000.

Charlie Drive 819: Thu H. Nguyen to Tim T. Nguyen, donation.

Green Oaks Drive 1949: Patrick Bateman to Javier Pacheco and Jessica A. Pena, $ 190,000.

Hamilton Oaks Subdivision, Lot 53: Wright Avenue Associates LLC to Jhoann Fernandez, $ 50,000.

Jason Lane 3120: Trinh Tran to Basil Awawdeh and Bader M. Awawdeh, $ 320,000.

Lamar Ave. 864: Hoa K. Tran to Mylinh K. Tran, donation.

Monroe Street 822: Quentin Stewart at St. Cajetan LLC, $ 136,000.

Mount. Laurel Drive 2772-74: Peggy L. Chehardy at Imperium Horizon LLC, $ 223,000.

Mystic Ave. 724: Peter J. Hwang to Jennifer Dohui, don.

Newton Street 225: Catherine J. Soutullo to Christine Neathamer and Mark A. Montalbano, $ 425,000.

N. Randall Court 107: Nunzio J. Marchiafava to Juan Perez and Aurora M. Perez, $ 195,000.

Oakdale subdivision, lot 12A, square 48: Margaret Hubert and Howe P. Hubert III to Jacob T. Hubert and Alexandria Hubert, donation.

Rue Romain 812: LVS Title Trust 2018 2. to Copernicus LLC, $ 80,505.

Rose Drive 2716: Peggy A. Tybussek and Maximillian A. Tybussek Sr. to Maximillion A. Tybussek III, donation.

Rue St. Louis 2408: Drake AW McArthur to Jodi C. Hardy, $ 265,000.

Second St. 316: Sheree E. Hobgood to Sean M. Moppert, $ 329,000.

Village of New Mechanickham Subdivision, Lot 1, Square 30: Terminix Service Co. Inc. to Kathleen Lama, $ 95,000.

Washington Street 1101: Dolores W. Rogers, Percy F J. Walter, August DP Walter Jr. and Daniel S. Walter to Elizabeth R. Strohmeyer and Raymond J. Strohmeyer Jr., $ 60,000.

Westside Drive 2845: Canh V. Nguyen and Nam T. Vo to High Design Builders LLC, $ 42,000.


Birchfield Drive 3860: Jeanne O’Boyle at Bebo Realty LLC, $ 67,500.

Dulaney Drive 3709: Eric C. Veal and Jannie M. Veal to Shonette M. Earvin, $ 198,000.

Greenbriar Lane 3853: Henry Mitchell to Luis T. Vasquez and Gelin Vasquez, $ 219,000.

Hyde Park Ave. 2128: Boardwalk Investments LLC to Zeferino S. Villagran and Edna O. Villagran, $ 403,500.

Lake Erin Drive 1608: Baron Construction Co. to Terrence A. James, $ 489,000.

Macarthur Ave. 721: Romona RG Phillips, Catherine MG Quinn, Bessie RG Relayson, Trent A. Geraci, Tina MG Bush and Catherine MG O’Quinn to Royce A. Goodson and Hallette B. Goodson, $ 100,000.

Maple Street 437-39: Gretna Leasing LLC to Elmo Pecot III, $ 150,000.

Maplewood Drive 1317: Mary SS Bekeris to Ann M. Jemison, $ 170,000.

Maplewood Drive 1341: Man W. Lee, Julia Lei, Yuan X. Lei, Chuen W. Lau and Wan L. Li to Karina Guzman and Benny Ortiz, $ 170,000.

Paige Janette Drive 4060: Deanna Harrison to Joyce Mixon, $ 205,000.

Pailet Ave. 432: Gail Banquer at 432 Pailet LLC, $ 112,500.

Second Ave. 513: Peter J. Hwang to Jennifer Dohui, don.

2nd avenue 539: Penny M. Sandras and Susie S. Melancon at Errance H. Plaisance, $ 20,000.

Shadow Lake Court 1624: Rebecca Boudreaux to Kim PT Tran, $ 295,000.

Spanish Oaks Drive 2024: Marrone Investments LLC to Allens Remodeling LLC, $ 200,000.

Woodbriar Drive 3745: Anthony R. Jones at Lareclial Mitchell, $ 180,000.


Lisa St. 5782: James A. Savoie Sr. to Terrence Smith, donation.


Barataria Park Subdivision, lot 39: Barataria Park LLC to RIR Investments LLC, $ 45,000.

Barataria Park subdivision, lot 56: Nathan Butler to Marcus J. Taylor, donation.

Barataria Park Subdivision, Lot 9: Barataria Park LLC to Rir Investments LLC, $ 44,500.

Avenue Bienvenue 5812: Oscar Z. Herrera to Patricia L. Greer, $ 175,000.

Bonaire Drive 2016: JBL Properties Ltd to Jason M. Dore, $ 287,200.

Bonaire Drive 2020: JBL Properties Ltd to Matthew Williamson and Morgan Williamson, $ 324,060.

Buccaneer Drive 2620: Michele C. Carmadelle to Alexander Hamman, donation.

Cajuns Cove 2653: Jennifer Massey to Jarrett Weber, don.

Celestine St. 7524: Better Quality Homes LLC to Brandon L. Faust, $ 180,000.

Christiana Drive 261: Moya Investments LLC to Demetric Nicholas, $ 181,101.

Dolores Drive 2625: Capital investment from Harvey LLC to Bradly Chapron, $ 120,000.

Happy St. 6185: Team Levu LLC to Nekedrea Lewis, $ 185,000.

Mansfield Ave. 1630: Ryan P. Flemings to Ernest Mayho, donation.

Marshall Drive 1255: Darrius Foucher to David Foucher Jr., donation.

Mary Drive 3155: Candis JM Velis to Dat M. Le, $ 225,000.

Park Shore Drive 4472: Kasey Siemssen and Donald W. Lowe Jr. to Cynthia A. Wood and Christine M. Wood, $ 255,300.

Quinn Drive 2808: DSLD Homes LLC to Adrienne Smith, $ 238,540.

Robinson Avenue subdivision, lot 138: Willie Coats, Terryone Coats, Caroline Coats, Thomas Hawkins Jr., Thelma Hawkins, Alton TC Hawkins, Kirbie Hawkins, Ronald Hawkins Sr., Debra A. Hawkins, Carmen J. Walters, Jarvis D. Hawkins, James R. Hawkins Sr., Julius T. Verett, Marvin M. Hawkins Jr. and Angela Horne to Claudette H. Autry, don.

Taffy Drive 2420: Nickie Prejean at JMC Investment Properties LLC, $ 68,000.

Towering Oaks Ave. 5045: Nicholas W. Jacobo and Misty Level to Kyle W. Holtkamp and Maria N. Holtkamp, ​​$ 299,900.

Wisteria Place 22: Norita Coleman and Nortia R. Brown to Cephas C. Coleman and Lemuel R. Coleman, don.

Wood Forest Drive 4825: Kevin P. Delaune in Cleveland H. Ford Sr. and Tonyell A. Ford, $ 260,000.


Deerfield Road 768: Cary P. Doucet and Jodie Doucet to Nicole M. Cerritelli and Matthew J. Fryou, $ 236,000.

Farmington Place 1920: Amanda Kishbaugh to Eagle Investments Inc., donation.

Farmington Place 1930: Maria I. Obando and Hernan A. Gonzalez to Jorge AI Barquero and Rosa M. Barquero, donation.

Boulevard Stumpf. 1742: Etelca Lee at Sims Real Estate LLC, $ 430,000.


Imogene Street 9: Sharon Baldassaro at SJC Crescent Rentals LLC, $ 62,700.


Avenue A 1119: Imperium Builders Ltd to Jhena M. Boudreaux, $ 195,000.

Ave. G 720: Wyndy Lanassa and Ronald F. Lanassa Jr. to Constance Lanassa, don.

Central Ave. 804: Miles G. Babin and Nerissa A. Babin to Mark Mire, $ 67,000.

Farman St. 149: Sarah P. Allemand to Loyman J. Allemand, donation.

Fifth St. 825: Julia A. Quebedeaux to Breanna Bringier, $ 170,000.

Oak Ave. 953: Felix Caballero to Dinorah Caballero and Augustus G. Matamoros, donation.

Sixth St. 905: Lonny H. Taylor to Kimberly Sweeney, don.

Westbank Expressway 7700: Rampal LLC to Miller Motors of Metairie LLC, $ 310,000.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 18, square 21: Henry Quintanilla to Hassan Sarmini, $ 160,000.

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