Watch Ocean City Man ride in the wake of the Cape May Lewes ferry

When the waves don’t come to you, you have to go to the waves.

Sounds like kind of a surfer’s mantra, right? Well, I just made it up.

It goes perfectly with this story of professional surfer Rob Kelly and how he found a wave in an unlikely place – next to one of the ferries that carry passengers and vehicles for the Cape May Lewes Ferry.

In case you didn’t know, Kelly grew up spending weekends in Ocean City and literally surfed all over the world.

Kelly has a YouTube channel – Numb skulls – which contains many videos of him surfing the Jersey Shore and more.

Kelly was surfing the area last Friday when he decided to catch one of the boats for the Cape May Ferry. He got off, jumped into the water, and for a few minutes rode the ferry’s wake.

(Hey, Rob! Do you need a special Cape May Lewes Ferry ticket for this?)

Here is the video of Rob’s adventures that day. If you don’t want to watch the whole video, you can skip to 5.30am, where it joins the ferry leaving Cape May.

Maybe next time the ferry captain can speed up a bit?

Here’s another video of Kelly from the start of the year on Long Beach Island:

Hey Rob – when is my lesson?

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