W. Stockbridge Man offering $ 1,000 for a lost alliance

Chris Kramek has taken off his wedding ring once in the past 13 years, and it was for an MRI procedure. Kramek, who runs Haddad Subaru on East St. in Pittsfield, lost his ring while coaching a little league over the weekend in Egremont.

The reward of you found it? $ 1000 in CASH, no questions asked.

Slater and Marjo had the chance to speak with Kramek on Tuesday morning.

“It’s brutal, I never take my wedding ring off, just once for an MRI at the time. I was helping my wife coach our children’s little league on Saturday at French Park in Egremont. I threw the ball with it. my kids didn’t bring my glove that day so I was grabbing them with my bare hands and these kids now they’re ten and they’re shooting the ball. One of the bigger boys was throwing the ball at me, and the next one thing I knew, my wedding ring was gone, “Kramek said.” He’s gone, I can’t find him. The children were looking for him, the coaches were looking for him. It’s in the outfield, I believe. We went through with metal detectors, got a ridiculous amount of them. support, but we can’t seem to find it. “

Kramek posted the following on his social media account.

Kramek said the ring was probably not even worth $ 1,000; however, the sentimental value is enormous and he is willing to part with the money to get his ring back.

The W. Stockbridge Public Market is also offering a $ 100 reward in addition to Kramek’s $ 1,000 cash reward, according to owner Tim Walsh.

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