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The Steam Packet explained how its new ship, Manxman, compares to the Ben-My-Chree, which it replaces.

The company’s new passenger ferry, due to enter service in 2023, is eight meters taller than the Ben-My-Chree and has an additional 495 square meters of cargo and vehicle space.

This means that the total space for cargo and vehicles on the Manxman is greater than the area of ​​21 singles tennis courts.

The £ 78million ferry built in South Korea will also be able to carry 319 more passengers than the Ben-My-Chree, with a total of 949.

It will have an additional third deck for passengers and an additional lounge for pets, as well as kennels on board.

The company describes Manxman as having “upgraded” onboard facilities that include a separate restaurant and dining area, a coffee bar that also serves snacks and more shops.

The Manxman’s hybrid diesel-electric engines are more powerful, which the Steam Packet says will cause less disruption as they will be better equipped to deal with inclement weather conditions.

However, Manxman will still complete the Douglas-Heysham crossing in about the same time of three hours and 45 minutes, with the company explaining that opting for a minor increase in ferry speed would have resulted in a “major” increase in fuel consumption. fuel – and therefore emissions.

In terms of cabins, Manxman will have twice as many – 40 instead of 20 – including eight additional premium cabins, and two more accessible cabins for people with reduced mobility.

The new ship will also have three elevators instead of one, which are larger with a capacity of 20 people instead of just eight.

The company concluded that while there is little difference in physical size between the two ferries, the Manxman “will feel much more open and spacious” than the Ben-My-Chree, due to careful use of the l space and interior decoration.

From 2023, the Ben-My-Chree, which was built in 1998, will be retained as a rescue vessel.

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