Turn up the volume! Rotary Crighton CR700W is a spiritual tribute …

There aren’t many motorcycles in a rotary engine setup that history hasn’t quietly forgotten, but the legacy of the ’90s Norton RCW588 has endured… and now its philosophy has been rekindled by the whole thing. new Crighton CR700W.

The Norton benchmark is not as clunky as it sounds because Brian Crighton – the man behind his eponymous CR700W – was also the mastermind that developed the rotary power for the RCW588, a model that broke new ground with its performance, innovation. and its success, will clean the trophies on track too.

However, rotary power – for all of its advantages of being smaller, lighter, and at higher rpm – came with its own limits of reliability and reliance on rehab levels on oil changes.

Then again, technology has come a long way and while the rotary may not have a place in an electric future, Crighton has developed a new sports bike that serves a larger purpose today.

Powered by a 220hp 699cc twin-rotor engine that spins freely and easily at up to 10,500rpm with maximum torque of 9,500rpm. This equates to 319 hp per liter which is more powerful than most MotoGP motorcycles and even the Ferrari F2004 F1 car.

As well as being lighter, the 699cc twin rotor motor offers better packing potential and can be mounted more centrally to provide more agile and stable handling. The dry weight is only 129 kg.

Crighton says special attention has been paid to the gearbox, which is notoriously problematic due to the added stress when mated to a rotary engine. However, a quick release cassette, hammer ring, super finished gear group with increased width for added durability.

Resplendent in its minimalist ‘bare’ carbon fiber and brushed aluminum finish, the Crighton CR700W is a stripped-down and balanced-looking sports bike, featuring a front cowl and fenders that look more than a striking likeness. Moto2 GP bikes and – by extension – the recently revealed KTM RC 8C on-track.

A step up from the KTM in that it can be taken on the road, the Crighton CR700W won’t be cheap – at £ 85,000 – although the company is only looking for 25 buyers for this exclusive race.

The machine has already garnered impressive attention with a Peter Hickman responding to a tweet suggesting there is no doubt he could become the first sports bike to complete a 140mph-plus lap of the Isle of Man TT for which he currently holds the record.

Besides, that engine noise … oh the noise!

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