TUI robbery ‘nightmare’ as police call and woman goes into labor

A woman has described a TUI flight ‘from hell’ where police were called on board and a woman gave birth.

Council worker Naomii Thomas, 36, was on the delayed flight from Cape Verde to Bristol on June 8 when passengers reported he was ‘briefly bouncing’ at Bristol airport, before departing and to send an emergency code 7700 to make an emergency landing elsewhere. The plane eventually landed in Birmingham where passengers waited another two hours on the runway, leading some to become so angry that police were called to remove them and monitor the situation.

Naomii said these were not the first strange occurrences, and she believes the problems had started even before the plane took off from the African island, WalesOnline reports.

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Noamii said: “On departure the flight to Bristol was delayed by two hours and 45 minutes. We asked if we could stay at the hotel as it would mean avoiding a six hour wait at Cape Verde airport. , but they said no and gave us a voucher worth five euros.

“The airport was manic about the delays. It’s only small and because we were all there earlier than needed the queues were huge. It was an absolute nightmare.”

TUI apologized for the “inconvenience caused to customers on board” and said “the safety and well-being of passengers and crew is always our top priority”.

Naomii said: “When we boarded the plane the pilot spoke immediately, he said he would try to get us to Bristol as quickly as possible. The plane had not been supplied with food .”

“I had already understood from the way the plane had rushed from the ground that they were trying to get us home as soon as possible. We met a lot of people who were actually on credit with their holidays in causes delays. The pilot told us he would take a shortcut.”

Passengers said the plane hit the runway hard before coming back up into the air. Naomii said the pilot told them it was because the plane was too heavy to land. TUI denies that is the case and says the decision not to land was made due to poor weather conditions.

Naomii said, “I know sometimes you can hit the ground and it can be quite difficult, but it was a noticeable bump. You could see everyone was starting to panic at that point.”

The pilot said he would try to land again, but after three or four minutes of hovering over the airport, he told them they would try to land in Birmingham instead.

Naomii said: “We were sitting there [In Birmingham] for two hours. People started kicking and the police were called.

“One family was escorted out by police and some officers stayed after that. A woman then gave birth and they called paramedics on board.”

By the time they arrived in Bristol to collect their car, they had been delayed for ten hours and the whole ordeal had lasted over 20 hours after another delay at baggage claim.

Naomii said: ‘We have sent them three emails regarding compensation since landing and each time we have received a standard response saying they cannot locate the flight. We’ve had no communication as to whether we’re likely to get it or not, but we think we’re owed more than a grand. I know others who were on the plane who are in the same boat.

A TUI spokeswoman said: “We can confirm that TOM245 from Sal, Cape Verde, to Bristol was diverted to Birmingham on June 7 due to weather conditions at Bristol Airport. Our crew offered everything possible support during the flight before everyone is safely disembarked. We “would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to customers on board. The safety and wellbeing of passengers and crew is always our top priority and we would like to thank passengers for their patience and understanding.”

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