This is the best feature of the Triumph Bonneville T100

Without a doubt, one of the most recognizable and iconic cycling names of all time is the Triumph Bonneville T120; it was named after its potential top speed of 120 mph and was introduced in 1959. It was an outstanding success and a large number of American customers purchased the model during this time. It was impossible not to love him. The Triumph platform provided them with success at the Isle of Man TT. Malcolm Uphill recorded the first 100mph production average bike ride on a Bonneville Thruxton in 1969.

And now, in 2021, the name lives on. For the current model year, Triumph is essentially offering two models: the Bonneville T120 ($ 14,702.57), which is powered by a 1,200cc parallel twin, as well as the entry-level T100, a parallel twin. from 900 CC with specifications slightly lower than those of the T120, and therefore cheaper.

For the purposes of this article, the T100 will be the focal point. But why does the T100’s engine deserve to be rated as the best feature on the bike? Let us know.

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Here’s why the Triumph Bonneville T100’s engine is its best feature

Triumph Bonneville T100

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The Bonneville T100 is equipped with a 900cc parallel twin engine that produces approximately 54 hp of power and 59 lb-ft of torque. This contrasts with the T120’s 1,200cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, which develops 79 horsepower and 77 lb-ft of torque. So why does the 2021 model’s numbers, which are smaller than the T120’s, make the engine its best feature? Because the lighter engine, along with less horsepower and peak numbers, make the Bonneville T100 easier for a new rider to just hop on and off. Plus, a smaller motor means less weight, which equates to a more maneuverable bike for novices.

An 18% increase in peak power is a substantial jump for the T100. At first, it looks like Triumph included the engine for the Street Twin, which was introduced in 2019, rather than reinventing the wheel. Logic; what is the point of doing the latter if there is already a formula? This results in a power increase of 10 hp.

The 270-degree crankshaft angle is remarkable because it lends much of the engine’s personality. Traditional parallel twins with 360 or 180 degree crankshafts can be somewhat boring. The 270-degree crankshaft angle provides some roughness and vibration and makes it sound a bit more like a V-twin.

This engine sends its power through a simple five-speed gearbox, which is an obvious cost-saving measure for Triumph as the company’s competitors have switched to more sophisticated six-speed transmissions. The engine’s towability means that even at highway speeds, the Bonneville doesn’t feel like it’s working too much. There are well-spaced gears, which translates to less shifting. The bicycle clutch is a wet multi-plate unit with slip assist.

As expected, the parallel twin meets stringent Euro-5 regulations while service intervals are every 10,000 miles, reducing cost of ownership. An A2 kit is always available for the T100, which can be easily added or removed.

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What else do we love about the Triumph Bonneville T100?

Triumph T100 2022

This Triumph model offers a lot of comfort and economy. Its cheerful touring pace is 60-70 mph, perhaps a bit more if runners are tempted to overtake. Either way, this helps improve the comfort and ride quality of the Bonneville.

Its seat is wide and soft, and there is ample room for the passenger. The clocks retain an ornate look but are informative and easy to navigate, which is exactly what many riders want, of course.

The T100 sports the classic Bonneville tubular steel frame and basic suspension from KYB. The front fork tubes are 41mm in diameter and are not adjustable. The rear shocks are adjustable for preload only. The brakes are also adequate. The single front caliper is a two-piston Nissin unit that grips a 310mm disc. The rear also receives a single two-piston Nissin, but with a 255mm disc. Anti-lock braking is standard.

The rest of the bike is a typical modern Triumph in that it is beautifully constructed with exceptional materials. Overall the fit and finish is brilliant and nothing feels standard. This should give confidence to many runners.

Also the old T100 was great, but you still rode a bike with limited performance. In 2021, things have changed. Engine and handling limitations have been relaxed, but inexperienced riders can still enjoy this bike. For anyone lucky enough to own a T100, here are a few tips: just enjoy the ride. Forget the outside world for a few hours and appreciate the T100 for what it is.

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