“This is no longer your home:” Connecticut man arrested after attempting to commandeer another family’s home in bizarre burglary, police say

A man from Ledyard was arrested at another family’s home in Old Lyme after a strange break-in and a meeting with police on Monday evening.

Benjamin Dahm, 31, apparently intended to claim the Meetinghouse Lane family home until police broke into the house itself and found Dahm hiding in a bathroom on the second floor, according to reports. state police records.

“I live here with my girlfriend, there shouldn’t be any problems, she will be home soon,” Dahm told police officers holding him at bay, according to an incident report.

Except that Dahm was 20 miles from his Gales Ferry apartment and there were issues: he was arrested and charged with third degree burglary, second degree criminal trespass, disorderly driving and interference with a officer, according to court records.

The strange incident began around 5 p.m. Monday when the 16-year-old son of the Old Lyme family arrived at the house and found an unknown car without license plates parked in the garage, he told the police.

The teenager found the front door of the house locked and to his surprise spotted a man he did not know inside the house in shorts, shirtless, according to the report. The man saw the teenager and opened the window to address him.

“This is no longer your house,” Dahm told the teenager before closing the window, the teenager said.

A landscaper arriving to work on the property arrived just after the encounter and called the police as the stunned teenager called his mother in an attempt to explain the situation, according to the report.

When the state police soldiers arrived, they struggled to get Dahm’s attention because of the loud music echoing inside the house. Eventually, Dahm made eye contact with a soldier, but the exterior doors remained locked and he would not leave the property, according to the report.

Soldiers and a police dog found a way to enter the house using the storm trap in the basement and ordered Dahm to leave, but after receiving no response again, the soldiers entered. inside the house and eventually found him hiding in an upstairs bathroom, according to the incident report.

A check of the house after Dahm’s arrest revealed no visible damage and apparently no items were stolen from the house.

The state police report makes no further reference to Dahm’s mental state or whether he may have been intoxicated or weakened in any way. The vehicle that Dahm apparently used to get to the house was also towed away.

Dahm remained in custody Tuesday in lieu of a $ 50,000 bond. He has another half-dozen active criminal and motor vehicle cases pending in various Connecticut courts from April through July, including charges of disorderly driving, filing a false incident report and violation. the conditions of his release, according to court records.

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