This is how Guy Martin became successful

Guy Martin rose to fame thanks to his career in road racing, but his larger than life personality made him a superstar. Even after retiring from the race, Martin didn’t slow down. In fact, in his own words, he says he’s a “workaholic” and stays busier than ever outside of TT races.

It’s not just racing that Martin loves. He is also a mechanic and engineer. When he was only 16, Martin apprenticed in a transport company where he worked as a mechanic on trucks. Throughout his career he worked for various commercial vehicle companies, including his father’s, and to this day he is still working on engines.

Following his accident and the great reception of his personality, Martin’s highly successful television career was launched after the documentary aired. However, just because Martin had retired didn’t mean he could resist the temptation to speed.

Let’s take a look back at Guy Martin’s career and what made him such a superstar.

Announcing himself as a candidate

The Isle of Man TT is the holy grail of road racers, and that has always been Guy Martin’s goal. He made his debut in the thrilling Isle of Man TT race in 2004 after wowing everyone with his speed and fearlessness on the road racing circuit.

This Isle of Man route is tricky and Martin made sure to do his homework and learn the roads before hopping on his bike. Those duties paid off as he enjoyed an impressive rookie outing. In fact, he was only 20 seconds off the podium on his first outing to the Isle of Man.

The promise Martin was showing at just 24 made runners sit back and notice this young hotshot. In 2005 he would do even better and finish on the podium at the Isle of Man TT. Martin finished all five races in the top six that year and established himself as a serious contender.

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Shoot for the top

Guy Martin on a Suzuki without a helmet

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After a few seasons which established himself as a contender, Martin moved to Hydrex Honda and was an immediate threat to the front of the peloton. He pushed imperious John McGuinness to the end at the 2007 Isle of Man TT, but had to settle for second.

A year later, Martin was leading the TT race at the halfway point, but in the end his bike couldn’t handle the pace his rider demanded of him. Martin was so close to winning the Isle of Man TT, but after his advantage wore off he wondered what could have been. Although he would find himself in the lead in the TT several times, 2008 turned out to be Martin’s best chance to win.

Finding fame at the 2010 TT

Guy Martin had made a name for himself among the road racing community during his exploits at the Isle of Man TT and other races. However, it would be a misfortune that would launch him into stardom. At the 2010 Isle of Man TT, Martin took a stripped-down approach to racing by opting for a less corporate racing team, Wilson Craig Racing.

It was while fighting for the lead of the Senior TT that Martin suffered a horrific fall that made many fear the worst. The cyclist lost the front of his bicycle and it caught fire upon impact with the sidewalk and the wall. Fortunately, Martin was alive, but had broken his back after being thrown from his bike.

It wouldn’t be the only time Martin broke his back, and after another accident in 2015, he fractured his vertebrae and his sternum. A Isle of Man TT documentary titled ‘Closer to the Edge’ was being filmed that year and Martin’s personality shone.

Combine running with television

Guy Martin sitting on a Triumph motorcycle like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape

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Now that Martin was a superstar, he had to balance his piloting career with being in front of the TV cameras. New opportunities found their way to Martin, who combined his love of engineering and speed to bring shows to the masses.

His most successful show was “Speed ​​with Guy Martin,” which saw him design lightning-fast vehicles like bicycles, hovercraft, airships and transit vans. Martin has won several Guinness World Records in his new career. He became the record holder for fastest speed in a soapbox, highest speed on a wall of death, and fastest speed on a gravity snow sled.

Martin still dreamed of winning the Isle of Man TT as his television career began to shine. He kept trying to win the Isle of Man TT until 2017, when he finally decided enough was enough. Although he never managed to win that elusive title, Martin recorded 17 podiums at the Isle of Man TT during his career.

Martin also competed in the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours World Endurance Championship race, where he helped his team to finish second. In 2013, Martin won Pike’s Peak and holds the record for the fastest speed ever on a Triumph motorcycle, recorded at 274.2 mph.

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Call time on his career

All good things come to an end, and in 2017 Martin announced he would be retiring from racing. The road racer has won 11 Ulster GP titles, five wins at Cookstown and two wins at Armoy. He explained in an interview with Motorcycle News that while the race was good for him, he got fed up with it.

Martin compared the racing season to Groundhog Day, where he spent the first half of his year preparing for the new season, running, and then talking about it. The repetitive nature of the racing season took on Martin, so he stepped away from the sport he loved to try new things.

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