The Isle of Man TT Video Streaming Pass is now available!

For the very first time, the world’s ultimate road race, and it’s a true roadrace—is now available for online viewing. The Isle of Man TT organizers have just launched the Live Pass, which will allow fans of the race to watch the action live, in real time, from anywhere in the world. And, the price is pretty good, considering you’re looking at the world’s first street-course motorcycle race.

The Isle of Man TT organizers launched the TT+ online viewing platform for the first time this winter, in conjunction with Vimeo. The TT+ site allows users to watch everything except live racing for free. Then, when the TT is running, you can register for the TT Live Pass; this allows you to watch practices and races, and costs just £14.99 (or whatever your local currency).

That might seem like a lot of money to spend for just a few weeks of live racing action. However, consider the alternative. Since time immemorial, the only practical way for most viewers to see TT racing live was to travel to the Isle of Man. For the British, this was no easy task; the moto-forums are always filled with grumbling about the price of the ferry, the price of accommodation, the price of beer, etc. From what I can tell, a fifteen-pound subscription to the TT app would barely cover your dinner out, if you’re at the IOMTT in person!

If you didn’t live in the UK, it got even more complicated; you’d never get any sort of TV coverage, and flights to the island would drive up the costs. Nevertheless, thousands of racing fans from all over the world have made the trip every year. That is until COVID cancels the 2020 and 2021 races…

Now those loyal fans can enjoy the action from their computer screen, or smartphone, and even their TV, if they get it. No, it won’t be the same as watching from the stands on the island, but it’s much more accessible and affordable, and in today’s world of inflation and COVID, that’s a good thing.

Find more details about the TT Live Pass here.

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