The four best TT bikes on the Isle of Man (List)

Honda fireblade

The story of Honda’s first participation in the IOMTT is a legend among racing fans. Anything but laughed at the island when he visited the island on a reconnaissance trip and announced his intention to compete, Soichiro Honda returned in 1959 with a handful of four-stroke, DOHC, and 125cc twin-cylinder motorcycles. a fire in the belly. However, the RC142 didn’t just compete; four of these machines came sixth, seventh, eighth and 11e in the lightweight class, while Naomi Taniguchi scored Honda’s first-ever world championship point and Honda took home the constructors’ team award – an unprecedented level of success in the first year of a team.

Now the RC142 easily deserves a spot on this list, as do many Honda successors – Mike Hailwood’s 1960 250cc machine, Freddie Spencer’s 1983 NS500, RC166 and the more recent RC213V-S – all contributing to a whopping 189 TT wins. , 65 ahead of their closest rival.

However, it’s not an ode to Honda (well, not quite), so we limited it to three. And they had to be CBRs, because the machine is just the epitome of TT.

First, the factory VTR SP-1 in which TT’s most successful rider, Joey Dunlop, won a sensational Formula 1 Senior victory in 2000, achieving his fastest lap ever at 123.87 mph and completing a hat-trick of TT racing wins that year. At 48 and just months before his tragic death, it was the last in a streak of 26 incredible TT victories.

John McGuinness doesn’t need to be introduced, and probably not the bike he did the first lap on at 130 mph in 2007. But we’ll give you a quick rundown, because it’s a bike that has at- beyond earned its place in the TT Hall of Fame. . In the race’s centennial year, McGuinness (now the second-most victorious rider on the island with 23 wins), further enhanced his legendary status and became the first man to go over 130 mph at board of an HM Plant Honda Fireblade.

Finally, sharing the Honda spotlight is the machine behind one of the greatest TT exploits ever – the Padgetts Racing Honda Fireblade that Ian Hutchinson rode for Superbike and Senior TT victory in 2010. To his On board, Ian Hutchinson earned his place among TT legends, becoming the first and only person to win five TT races in a single week.

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