The ferry terminal will cost more and take longer


Liverpool’s new ferry terminal will cost more than expected and will be ready later than expected.

Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker told the House of Keys that delays and disruption caused by Covid have cost around an additional £ 5million so far.

The cost of the site reclamation work, including the treatment of unexploded war bombs, will add an additional 5% on top of the project value.

But Mr Baker said there would also be a substantial additional cost to protect the quay wall from the ferry’s bow thrusters.

He said there was an obligation to protect the assets of the owner of the Port of Peel and that his department was close to reaching a deal. But until that happens, it would be wrong to estimate how much the additional cost would be – although he said it would be “substantial”.

Mr Baker said the contractor was working until the March 2022 completion date – a year later than expected – but admitted that even that date could change.

The costs of the project have already skyrocketed and are currently budgeted at £ 38million. Mr Baker said if necessary, his department would return to the Tynwald for an additional funding vote.

For the full story, see this week’s Manx Independent.

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