The development of the marina “could stimulate the ecosystem”


Plans for a new marina in the north of the island “could create hundreds of new jobs and create a thriving marine ecosystem.”

That’s according to the developers who fought back after the Ramsey Bay plans came under fire on social media.

Ramsey Marina Limited (RML) wants to develop a 400-berth quay, residential and commercial units, a hotel and a yacht club close to the city’s port.

Plans are proposed for an area between the harbor entrance and Queen’s Pier.

RML said she was “very aware” that the location is within the Ramsey Bay Marine Nature Reserve and, while the environment will inevitably be affected, it will also create “a new marine ecosystem both above it. and below the water “.

A spokesperson said that an artificial reef “will increase the number of breeding fish and crustaceans in the bay, while providing excellent breeding grounds for seabirds.”

RML estimates that the development, which would provide a public water recreation center for the island, could benefit the local economy to the tune of £ 30million each year.

Campaigners against the plans launched a petition against the program which garnered the support of nearly 40,000 people.

They call on the Manx government to “save the bay” and “stop the destruction of the Ramsey Bay Marine Nature Reserve”.

They say the dredging of the bay would cause “irreparable damage” to the area which “is home to many diverse species of fish, horse mussel reefs and eelgrass meadows.”

You can find more information on the petition here and more information about the developers here.

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