The country has united – and now it must remain united

SIR – Why is the Russian army fighting in Ukraine? The answer is Vladimir Putin’s vanity.

Why are Ukrainians fighting? They fight for their country, their compatriots, their families and their friends. Their recent successes demonstrate the power of these motivations.

Putin cannot tolerate being seen defeated. Beware of the cornered rat.

Alastair Mutch
Kendal, Cumbria

Broadband lottery

SIR – I’ve had poor broadband service for many years, and it’s unlikely to improve in the foreseeable future due to where I live.

I’m disappointed that BT is currently advertising a fast fiber service – 50mbps – for £24.99 per month. I am currently paying £29 per month for very slow service – around 4.5mbps.

I spoke to BT about it, but my complaints fell on deaf ears. Surely it’s time he changed his billing policy so that those who have bad service pay a lot less. We would of course be happy to pay the going rate for good service.

Hugues Lewin
Chewton Mendip, Somerset

Mystery DVLA

SIR – Janet Milliken’s letter (“Denied freedom to drive by lazy DVLA”, September 5) struck a chord.

Like her, I attended Specsavers, where I had my eyes tested by a young man who had completed his training four months earlier. His opinion was accepted by the DVLA and my license was renewed.

Interestingly, however, the opinion of my cataract surgeon (a professor with over 35 years of experience in eye surgery), who said I was fit to drive, was not considered acceptable. Is there an explanation?

Jennie Bedford
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Mayhem Booster

SIR – I recently visited my mum in Yorkshire and arranged her Covid callback for her using the telephone booking service. I eventually spoke to an operator and an appointment was made at a local pharmacy for the day of the late Queen’s funeral.

On phoning the pharmacy to check it was open I was told no one would be there as it was a public holiday so I called the reservations department again, only to find the system was down .

Looking online I found there was a walk-in callback service at the Great Yorkshire Showground, and we were in, picked up and out within an hour.

During this time I received two texts from the NHS – one confirming that vaccination centers would be open on public holidays (they weren’t) and a second confirming my mum’s now redundant pharmacy appointment .

Mark Calvin
Tretower, Brecknockshire

SIR – A missed appointment due to the late arrival of a letter from the hospital (Letters, 17 September) is not necessarily the fault of the NHS.

However, I was stunned when the elderly Ukrainian lady staying in my house was refused an MRI scan at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge due to the lack of a translator – as explained to her daughter who fluent in English.

A day was lost, an elderly lady’s urgent test was delayed and money was lost in the cancellation of a procedure. There is no doubt that additional costs will now be incurred by employing an official translator.

Tom Ryves
Metwold, Norfolk

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