The 1927 Triumph Isle of Man TT motorcycle runs under …


A rare 1927 factory Triumph that has already raced at the Isle of Man TT will be under the hammer in a few months, as the bike will be the star of the Silverstone Auctions Motorcycle Show in London.

The bike is in good weather warp condition, with battle scars and oil stains that almost document the story of its racing life. The 489cc single-cylinder machine is believed to have been raced by racer Wilmot Evans in the 1927 TT races, with photos from the time showing him driving a machine with the same fuel tank design.

The motorcycle is presented as a true factory racing model and as such is not and has never been road registered. Since retiring from racing some time ago, the machine has apparently been stored in the then owner’s attic for some time, with the condition you see in the pictures being close to how which it was found.

The OHV engine features two oversized valves, high compression pistons, a Lucas racing magneto, and a full loss oil system with an under-seat oil reservoir with an auxiliary hand pump. The bike even has a spare spark plug and key attached to the frame for on-course repairs!

With a guide price of £ 35,000 to £ 40,000, the bike represents a significant chance to own a true piece of Triumph racing history, albeit at a significant cost!

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