Silverstone BSB: McGuinness consolidates TriOptions top 5

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Round six of the Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup saw John McGuinness leave Silverstone with solid finishes in both races to consolidate fifth place in the championship.

Seventh in free practice on Friday, McGuinness improved his time by nearly a second in the afternoon qualifying session on the Ducati Blue Earth Construction but remained seventh overall. Line-up in the top of the third row for Saturday’s 15-lap race on the 1.64-mile national circuit.

A good start allowed the 23-time Isle of Man TT winner to retain his seventh place and although he lost a place to Alberto Solera the next time around, Craig Neve retired shortly after to bring it back to position.

Comfortably sidelined from the group of riders behind, a surprise fall on lap 10 for race leader Josh Day promoted him to sixth, where he finished, adding another 10 points to his championship total. .

Sunday’s race was to be the same distance and thanks to a good start he placed sixth at the end of the first lap. However, the red flag came out soon after when Morecambe runner’s regular training partner Sam Cox crashed.

The race was restarted in just six laps and although he couldn’t get off as good a start this time around, he had a great battle with Solera and Neve to pass the checkered flag in eighth place. Consolidating its fifth place in the championship standings.

“It was a pleasant weekend with great weather and two other solid finishes,” McGuinness said of his visit to Silverstone. “Saturday’s race was a bit lonely and it was a surprise to see Josh crash, but it helped me move up to sixth and with Craig’s retirement I was able to get away from him in the championship standings.

“The red flag hurt me a bit in Sunday’s race and with only six laps and 57 laps it was over before I really started! I couldn’t have had such a good start but I had a great battle with Albert and Craig and although they beat me Craig only regained one point. The bike runs well and we had no problems so big thank you to all the guys and girls on the team for keeping everything running.

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