Shreveport city councilor defends police chief

Residents of Shreveport are looking to city leaders for answers to the recent spate of violent crime that has left more than 30 people murdered so far this year.

Police Chief Ben Raymond was criticized this week along with Councilor Jerry Bowman who said: “I’m tired of walking around, we have to see a shot of Chief of Police.” And advisor LeVette Fuller tells KEEL News she wants to see a plan too, but added “If he (Raymond) was Alan Crump he would be gone by now”.

But Councilor John Nickelson mobilized to support Chief Raymond. He posted a long social media post about what’s going on in Shreveport.

The wave of deadly gun violence sweeping through parts of our community has many short and long term causes, but the job performance of Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond is not one of those causes. Chef Raymond has served Shreveport faithfully and tirelessly for over two decades. His service included lengthy assignments to the ministry’s street-level interdiction unit and its special response team. During these assignments, he risked his life several times to apprehend drug traffickers, thieves, rapists, murderers and other violent offenders.

Nickelson says all leaders must step up and do what is necessary to tackle the problem of violent crime.

Chief Raymond rose through the ranks to Chief of Police and did an exemplary job leading his resource-constrained officers under difficult circumstances. Since I was elected in 2018, he has repeatedly called on the Council to give him and his command staff the tools they need to keep our city safe, including a new post. police and competitive remuneration for our police officers. We did not give these tools to Chief Raymond, and it is our fault. Instead of making a scapegoat for a man who has dedicated his life to serving Shreveport, we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and recognize that the responsibility ends with us. I hope we can.

Chief Raymond tells KTBS he has already submitted a plan to the mayor and council.

I will be happy to share my plan with board members again. I thought I had discussed our departmental goal of removing guns from the hands of those who illegally possess them, to work with Caddo DA and the United States Attorney’s Office to ensure successful prosecutions against gun perpetrators. violent, the implementation of the Emergency Supplementary Patrol Unit to keep a number of officers on our streets so that we can serve and protect citizens, provide support to our brothers and sisters and set up a unit Firearms Crime Investigation (VCAT). I will contact the Council and offer it a more detailed overview of the multidimensional approach to reducing violent crime.

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