Robert Durst sentenced to life for murder of his best friend

New York real estate heir Robert Durst was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his best friend more than two decades ago.

Durst, 78, was convicted last month in the Los Angeles Superior Court of first degree murder for shooting Susan Berman in the back of the head at point blank range at her home in December 2000.

Durst silenced Berman to prevent him from incriminating him in the reopened investigation into his wife’s 1982 disappearance in New York City, prosecutors said.

Ms Berman provided Durst with a false alibi when Kathie Durst went missing, prosecutors said.

Durst testified that he did not kill any women, but said during cross-examination that he would be lying if he did.

Prosecutors also presented evidence that he intentionally killed a neighbor in Galveston, Texas in 2001, although he was acquitted of the murder in that case after testifying that he shot the man in state. of self-defense.

Durst is the grandson of Joseph Durst, who founded the Durst Organization, one of Manhattan’s largest commercial real estate companies.

His father, Seymour, took the reins of the business and then handed over control to a younger brother, Douglas.

Robert Durst settled his share of the family fortune and was estimated by prosecutors at US $ 100 million.

Durst’s attorney said they plan to appeal the conviction.

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