Remembering… Dougie Lampkin’s incredible 37-mile TT…

Doing a wheelie on a country road is one thing or doing one to celebrate a victory on the race track, so imagine the precision, skill and stamina it takes to put a motorcycle upright and drive it on the rear wheel for… 37 miles!

More than that, these are no ordinary miles either, tracing the route of the Snaefell Mountain Course, the centerpiece of the Isle of Man TT road racing festival.

Nonetheless, in September 2016, Trials legend Dougie Lampkin rose to the challenge and kept it going for the duration of a remarkable test of endurance and skill against harsh weather elements and physical stress.

In terms of the status and appreciation of the asphalt from start to finish of the Isle of Man TT spectators, there is no other more appropriate place to attempt such a difficult stunt. Again, the Snaefell Circuit may be iconic, but that’s because it’s not easy to ride on two wheels, let alone balance on one.

Undeterred, Lampkin battles high winds around the highest stages of the course – forcing him to bring filming trucks closer together to provide a windbreak – to navigate street furniture, bumps and rounds – points and to do everything possible to avoid a false neutral or missed equipment that would destroy his bid in an instant.

Did he? Spoiler alert, yes, but that’s only a small part of the story.

Recently Lampkin reflected on his achievement, speaking to us throughout the ride and talking about how a bit of local knowledge kept him focused, and the physical toll it took on his body as he tensed in the final stages.

Relive the brilliant achievement here with this video, complete with commentary from Lampkin himself.

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