Public trust in government ‘damaged’ – Prime Minister

The results of an employment tribunal on the sacking of the island’s former medical director have “damaged confidence” in the government.

That’s the admission of Chief Minister Alfred Cannan, who delivered a statement in Tynwald this morning, following the findings of the ‘wrongful dismissal’ of Dr Rosalind Ranson.

Mr Cannan said he was unable to discuss aspects of the tribunal’s findings in detail, but acknowledged it had raised a “number of questions” about government performance and culture.

The chief minister said he accepted the shortcomings – even describing the government as ‘too big and cumbersome’.

As a result, it has been announced that there will be a review of the Office of Human Resources and its effectiveness, with more information on how it will be undertaken by the end of the month.

It will also be up to ministers if they wish to appoint non-executives to provide higher levels of advice and oversight.

Mr. Cannan revealed that the government would accelerate the actions Tynwald agreed to in February 2021 on whistleblowing and would consult on proposed new legislation.

Alongside the HR review, an employee engagement program will be implemented over the summer to determine how organizational communication and productivity can improve, with results to be released in December.

The SAVE report commissioned by the Treasury in 2017-19 will also receive “renewed and urgent attention”.

The Prime Minister ended his statement by saying “Change won’t happen overnight, but get started and move on urgently,” saying it is laying the foundation and there are “more things to come.”

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