Progress of Storm Barra across Ireland and the UK, with warnings previewed


The red maritime warning off the Irish coast mentions Violent Storm force 11 with huge dangerous waves arriving on the west coast. The Irish Coast Guard has issued a warning for Storm Barra, reminding people to ‘Stay back, stay up, stay dry’

“Walkers are advised to avoid all exposed areas, including seaside walks and cliffs, as they can be affected by sudden gusts, thereby exposing themselves to unnecessary danger. All other forms of open water recreation should be avoided, including by experienced practitioners.

Met Eireann “Storm Barra will bring strong winds to gales and heavy rain today, southeast to south this morning and northwest this evening. Destructive gusts, coastal flooding are likely. Snow and sleet with highs of 5 to 7 degrees. The strong winds will continue until Wednesday.

As the center of Storm Barra rolls over western Ireland, it will be quieter here in the midst of the storm. Co. Kerry and Cork will be battered by the SW followed by westerly winds and strong gusts. Conditions deteriorate in the Irish Sea and for Belfast and Co. Down and Antrim in strong SE winds as the frontal band of heavy rain hits the cold air and snow begins to appear.

Northern Ireland has a yellow wind and rain warning from today until 9am Wednesday. There will be coastal gales, even strong gales and horrendous conditions with possible disruption to ferry services.

“The winds will gradually return to the east, peaking Tuesday afternoon and evening before gradually weakening. Gusts of 45 to 50 mph are widely expected, with 65 to 75 mph in exposed coastal areas. “MO

Wales is subject to two yellow wind warnings today, one inland and one coastal.

“Storm Barra will bring very windy conditions to the west of the UK with severe coastal gales.” MO

The coastal area stretches over the south-west of England and along the coastal counties of the English Channel. “bringing severe gales to coastal areas, for some time before starting to subside on Tuesday evening. South to southeast winds will sometimes blow up to 70-80 mph over exposed coastal areas and widely at 50-60 mph inland. “

The winds of storm Barra

As Barra focuses on Ireland, the frontal band of heavy rain and snow from the hills moves eastward over Great Britain. Showers follow behind. It is getting wild for the south and west coasts of Wales this afternoon. Again, care is needed and trip interruptions, even power interruptions, are possible.

Thunderstorm conditions will have extended north to the coasts of Co. Clare, Mayo and Galway this evening. Wild here tonight as Barra continues to rage. The shifting winds, turning to the north-west, will also hit County Kerry as a strong south-easterly wind hits the east coast of Scotland with rain and snow on the hills. The conditions on the roads will be difficult and some trees and structures are still precarious after Storm Arwen. It caused so much damage due to its strength but also unusual direction. Northerly winds like this don’t happen very often. Storm Barra is coming from a more traditional direction but remains quite low.

The low center moves over the Isle of Man overnight with westerly gales hitting western Ireland, Pembrokeshire and the whistling Bristol Channel

Storm Barra Wednesday Ireland

On Wednesday morning, gales will still hit northern Mayo and Sligo, with rough seas and strong gusts in the northwesterly winds. Around the depression there will be icy rain showers with further snow showers for the heights. The worst of the thunderstorm conditions subside for Wednesday, but around the low there will still be strong and gusty winds for Wales, North Devon and North West Ireland. Beware of warning updates between 10 and 11 a.m. on the 7th of the Met Office.

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