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Following the election of Laurence Skelly MLC as President of Tynwald, the Chief Minister assumed the role of Minister of Enterprise.

According to the Constitution Act 1990, President de Tynwald cannot be chief minister, minister or member of a ministry or statutory council, so Mr. Skelly had to relinquish his role.

Chief Minister Howard Quayle said: “With Tynwald’s last scheduled meeting this week and a general election looming, I have made the decision to succeed Mr. Skelly as Minister of Business, rather than making a new one. appointment to the Council of Ministers.

“I would like to pay tribute to Mr. Skelly – who was Minister of Economic Development and then Minister of Business for seven years – for his leadership and for the essential role he played in the growth of the island’s economy and the efforts made to continue our diversification.

“In 2017, I commissioned a strategic review from the then Ministry of Economic Development to ensure that the government could achieve its ambition of making the Isle of Man an island of business and opportunity, such as indicated in the Program for the government. A number of recommendations from the review have been implemented, including the creation of the Enterprise Department, with a greater focus on stimulating economic growth. He also saw the creation of the four business development agencies.

Mr Quayle continued, “As the island continues its economic recovery after Covid-19, there is still a lot of work for the government to do, and I look forward to working with the political members of the department over the weeks and months to come to advance these efforts. “

The chief minister was previously a member of the Ministry of Economic Development and a member of the Tynwald Economic Policy Review Committee.

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