Opening of a new passenger ferry line between Rosslare and Dunkirk

A new ferry service has launched between Rosslare in County Wexford and Dunkirk in northern France.

The new service launched on Friday and offers tourists a direct ferry link between Wexford and Dunkirk for the first time.

Passenger service, which is run by Danish shipping company DFDS, will take 24 hours.

There will be up to five sailings per week with prices for one car and four passengers starting at €550 with a standard cabin and all meals included, according to Newstalk.

DFDS already operates a freight service between the two ports and said the new service would initially focus on car and motorhome traffic “with limited capacity to supplement our freight traffic”.

“We launched a freighter service between Rosslare and Dunkirk in January 2021 and it has proven extremely popular with customers looking to transport goods between Ireland and mainland Europe without needing to use the land bridge via the UK,” company spokesman Chris Parker said in a statement.

“Adding passenger services to the route will further strengthen the service and we expect strong demand from holidaymakers in Ireland and Northern Europe.

“Rosslare is in the heart of the ‘Sunny Southeast’ and a short drive from Dublin and Cork, making it a very popular destination. Irish customers will benefit from a direct link to the heart of Europe.”

A number of passenger ferry lines already operate from the port of Rosslare, including short trips to Fishguard and Pembroke in Wales and a 24-hour trip to Cherbourg in north-west France.

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