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“I screwed up, but that’s the generation I come from.”

Let’s summarize.

Five days ago, Andy Lyon, the 50-year-old Malibu real estate agent and First Point surfer achieved considerable notoriety when he threw a rock into another man’s surfboard following to a tangle, video of the event went viral.

Lyon, who is 59, lost his job, had his address published and a beating was suggested for his four-year-old Glider.

The first time I spoke to Lyon, just after the video took off, he was upbeat about the imbroglio saying: “You know it’s a good race right now…I embrace that. People say it ended his career but it’s like shit goes. It’s the start!”

A podcast followed, to mixed reactions, with older internet users tending to side with Lyon’s street justice and newcomers to their game swayed by the utopian ideal of each wave a gift that must be share.

Today I found another Andy Lyon. He was carrying groceries home and was a little wary of the event, worn down by the attention and the incessant ringing of his phone, especially by me, I must admit.

I called because he had e-mailed to say that he had been in touch with the guy whose plank he had thrown a rock at, the rock-on-board technique perfected, of course, by the people of Fort Point in San Francisco eight months ago.

Kitesurfing instructor and foil enthusiast John von Tesmar had lost his foil board off leash and watched helplessly as it washed up on shore, then was attacked by an angry local who shook a rock above his head several times to kill the thing.

This story has a happier ending.

Lyon and the surfer got in touch, with Lyon traveling a considerable distance – the other party did not want to be identified by name or location – and both agreed that it was both a forgotten matter and that everyone would repair their own boards.

“I have respect for the guy, says Lyon. “He didn’t go to the cops, he didn’t complain. Not like this guy who did the TikTok. If this guy hadn’t done this stupid fucking TikTok thing, nothing would have happened, I would have been fine. But it’s this pissy little cancel culture shit that’s going on. Same thing with work, they just leaned in for those guys.

The Malibu Agency wrote on IG,

The agency was founded to create a unique group of professionals focused on community and camaraderie within the real estate industry. We strive to be pillars in the greater Malibu community and foster an environment that fosters integrity and respect.

Upon learning of the incident involving Andy Lyon on Friday 8/5, we have decided to part ways with this individual. The Agency strongly denounces the behavior of this individual and our thoughts are with those involved in this incident.

Lyon says he was impressed with the surfer involved and said “He wanted it to happen the way it should have been, not in this form, the keyboard warriors, the judge, the jury and the executioner. He totally got it all. I met his dad. He acknowledged that he had paddled me back. He said he could appreciate how much I had to cope (in Malibu) and said that was the way it was. that it should be handled, not in a basement jury with a bunch of Reddit assholes.

“You know,” Lyon said, “I screwed up and hit his board but that’s the generation I’m from, you fucked my board, I’ll fuck yours. I’ll patch mine, you patch yours.

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