New team on the block with Gas Monkey BMW

Along with the exciting news from new team sponsor BMW, we witness Richard Rawlings’ reaction when he sees the 2022 livery for the first time.

The Gas Monkey BMW Team with FHO Racing BMW M1000RR
Via: Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings YouTube Channel

What do the Isle of Man TT and Gas Monkey Garage have in common? Well, Richard Rawlings, what is it. At least for now.

The Isle of Man TT is often dubbed the ‘world’s last big motorsport event’ and now there’s a new BMW team in town.

The Gas Monkey Garage & Richard Rawlings YouTube channel gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) and how Rawlings reacts to the Gas Monkey livery.

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Presentation: Richard Rawlings at the Isle of Man TT

So the video begins, “Hello from the Isle of Man, I’m Peter Hickman and as many of you know I’m racing for the FHO Racing BMW team at the Isle of Man TT races this year. We are here on the Isle of Man today because we are announcing our new sponsor, which many of you will already know.

Hickman goes on to introduce the “massive global Gas Monkey Garage brand,” then announces that Team BMW will be the Gas Monkey BMW for big road racers.

The video turns to Richard Rawlings, who looks rather windswept as he steps off the plane and then climbs up to see the livery on the BMW bike for the team. Hickman and Rawlings have a chat about the Isle of Man and the 37-mile track.

Rawlings was also surprised to know that Hickman has been racing for 12-13 years and that the first Isle of Man TT was in 1907. He also spoke, conversationally, about how you wouldn’t know the TT of the Isle of Man as if you were a motorcycle guy.

That said, things are about to get fast and rowdy.

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BMW gets a makeover

Hickman is a five-time TT winner, and this time his FHO Racing BMW M 1000 RR Superbike and Superstock machines will wear Gas Monkey Garage livery.

It’s a rather unique collaboration this time around, as the Isle of Man TT finally returns this summer, after successive cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic. The collaboration will also put the event in the spotlight as Gas Monkey Garage will showcase it to the world, through its social media channels, with a reach of over 20 million followers.

Rawlings burst in for the reveal saying, “I’m not scared.” He seemed impressed with the delivered BMW motorcycle as he exclaimed “What!” before saying, “look at this, it’s so bad…” Which, if you know your Gas Monkey Garage lingo, means awesome.

Source: Gas Monkey Garage YouTube channel and Richard Rawlings

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