MotoGP, THE BOOK Valentino Rossi’s 26 seasons, in detail


The announcement of Valentino Rossi’s retirement ends an incredible career in the MotoGP Motorcycle World Championships. With his nine titles, including seven in the premier class, he is widely regarded as the greatest motorcycle rider of all time, and his 26 seasons of Grand Prix racing make him unique in both motorcycles and Formula 1. Rossi has captivated fans since winning his first Grand Prix at the age of 17 and even in his final season at 42 he’s been riding faster than ever.

In this major new book from the great MotoGP journalist Mat Oxley, each of these races is examined under a microscope, with perspectives on Rossi’s accomplishments, controversies, character and analysis of his bikes. It’s a book by Valentino Rossi like no other.

“It has been a joy to watch Valentino’s GP career from the very beginning in 1996 and I really enjoyed reliving so many of his great moments while writing this book – said Mat –In fact, I started with his first international campaign in 1995, dissecting and analyzing each of his 400+ races since then. It is a career that may never be equaled and it has been an honor to write this book which I hope will become the ultimate tribute to the genius of Valentino ”.

“Mat wrote the world’s first biography of Valentino in 2002. – says Mark Hughes, editor of Evro – While working for the publisher then, I saw how Mat not only knew Valentino well and thought of the world of him, but also wrote about his subject matter with sublime skill and insight. Back then, we could never have imagined how much Valentino was going to accomplish, nor that he would still run almost 20 years later. Now, when he retires, there is no one better than Mat to record every moment of his incredible career ”.

Key content

  • First days, from karting and minibikes to a first GP victory, on a 125 Aprilia at the 1996 Czech GP, then to win the 125cc world title in 1997.
  • Switch to 250cc class in 1998 brought four consecutive late-season wins for Aprilia, followed by a decisive title in 1999 with nine wins.
  • Caught up by Honda to run His successful NSR500 Rossi rose to the ‘kings class’ for 2000, nearly becoming the champion that season, but the following year he sealed the final two-stroke 500cc crown with 11 wins.
  • MotoGP, for 990cc four-stroke motorcycles, took over and Rossi immediately reigned supreme aboard his Honda RC211V, winning back-to-back titles in 2002 and 2003, before a surprise start for non-competitive Yamaha.
  • Rossi marks his first year with Yamaha, 2004, like his best: defying expectations, he won the first time on the YZR-M1 and won a fourth consecutive title with nine victories.
  • In six more seasons with Yamaha, 2005-10, Rossi won three more championship crowns, his 2008 success particularly sweet as it involved a retaliation after two leaner years.
  • Rossi’s transfer to Ducati Seemed like a mouth-watering all-Italian prospect, but his two winless seasons there, 2011 and 2012, were disastrous.
  • A return to Yamaha never quite regained his greatest glory, but Rossi was runner-up three times and came close to another title in 2015.

Author: As a motorcycle rider, Mat Oxley is an Isle of Man TT winner and lap record holder. As a writer,

he has been in his trade for 40 years and is revered for his cutting-edge reporting on MotoGP for magazines and websites around the world including Bike, Sports car, Motorcycle news and Performance bikes. Since Rossi entered Grand Prix racing in 1996, Oxley has followed his career closely and in 2001 wrote a landmark debut biography, MotoGenius, with the full cooperation of Valentino and his family. Other acclaimed Oxley books include Mick Doohan: Thunder from below (1999), Valentino Rossi: Portrait of a god of speed (2002) and Speed ​​flight (2009). Married with two children, he lives in North London.

Release Date: January 13, 2022
Price: £ 50.00
ISBN: 978-1-910505-21-2
Format: 280 x 235 mm hardcover
Extent of page: 336
Illustrations: 280 photos


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