Morecambe missile has won 23 Isle of Man TT races


In a long and distinguished career, John’s first race was an endurance event in 1990, when he was just 18, writes Peter Wade.

Since then he has scored 23 Isle of Man TT races and has been on the TT podium 46 times, making him the most successful TT rider since track legend Joey Dunlop.

McGuinness also had six wins in the NW200, although an injury at the event in 2017 knocked him out for a few years.

John McGuinness with the Sunshine Ambassador Award and the new mural in Morecambe honoring his motorcycle achievements.

During his TT career, McGuinness broke two important track records – the 130mph barrier in 2007 when he finished a circuit with an average speed of 130.354mph.

A few years later, the 131 mph record also fell on the Morecambe missile at 131.578 mph.

McGuinness’s youth was spent surrounded by motorcycles in his father’s repair shop, although he was also advised to have a trade to fall back on, just in case – in his case as a humble mason.

* You can hear some of John McGuinness’s Bikes ‘N’ Banter with motorcycle racing expert James Whitham at the Grand Theater in Lancaster this Sunday, October 31st and a question and answer session.

RAMSEY, ISLE OF MAN – JUNE 08: John McGuinness in action during the senior race in the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) races on June 8, 2007 in the Isle of Man. (Photo by Ian Walton / Getty Images)

They will discuss the last three years of John’s career as well as his exciting plans for the future with his new team.

They will also take you on a tour of the TT course on the big screen with commentary from John himself and an added bonus John always brings some of his famous bikes for his fans to see.

Visit here for details and tickets.

DOUGLAS, ISLE OF MAN – JUNE 07: John McGuinness poses with the senior trophy during the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) races on June 7, 2007 in Douglas, Isle of Man. (Photo by Ian Walton / Getty Images)

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