Minister of Politics and Reform seeks re-election


Ray Harmer has become one of the last to announce his intention to run for this year’s election.

Mr Harmer, who represents Peel & Glenfaba, has also served as Minister for Policy and Reform since last year and previously as Minister for Infrastructure between 2016 and 2020.

Declaring his plans, he said: “It has been an honor to represent and support the people of Glenfaba and Peel over the past five years.

“Locally, I have led a number of key projects including the reconstruction of the heritage trail, the reconstruction of the main road in Foxdale, the new Peel Bridge, the completion of Market Place and the protection of the Peel Marina against silting up.

“The West was the first to move forward with an integrated model of health and social care, which must now be fully implemented, including residential and respite care in the West.

“Nationally, infrastructure has been critical to the economy, such as the deployment of fiber, the purchase of our lifeline, the Steam Packet and the new ferry user contract. However, social inclusion remains of vital importance, such as the expansion of affordable housing and the living wage.

While there has been a lot of progress, there is still a lot to do and to finish. “

He joins fellow regional representatives Geoffrey Boot MHK and MLC Kate Lord-Brennan in a bid to secure a seat in the region when voters go to the polls in September.

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