‘Marc Márquez also fights fear; The difference is that he is not afraid of crashing in the final laps” – Danilo Petrucci

MotoGP is a sport where danger is always present despite all the security measures in force in the world of motorcycling. In a recent interview, Danilo Petrucci talked about the fear of racing at high speed and mentioned that even in MotoGP this feeling is present among the riders, even if they haven’t talked about it much.

‘In my opinion there is [fear in MotoGP]. Also because if you didn’t, you’d be a fool. In MotoGP you don’t go between houses at 300km/h like in the Isle of Man TT, so I wouldn’t have that courage. When you’re in MotoGP, you also have this self-preservation instinct that tells you “why am I afraid of crashing? “. You don’t want to end up on the ground and it’s a battle with yourself, but you’re often afraid: when you lose the bike for a second that feels like an hour, you don’t know where you’re going; so you’re scared, it doesn’t feel good’, he said in an interview with Man on Wheels magazine, quoted by Motosan.

Still on this theme of fear, Petrucci spoke on behalf of Marc Márquez: “In my opinion he also struggles with that stuff, the difference when he was racing against him was that he wasn’t afraid of crashing in the final laps. He had so much control over the bike that he could pull it up”.

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