Manx SPC crew justification ‘ignored’ says CEO

Woodward says ‘misunderstandings’ over Covid isolation lie with government

The responsibility for the “ misunderstandings ” with the isolation of Covid-19 for the ferry crew lies with the government, not the Steam Packet.

In a statement released today, the chief executive of the company said “significant discrepancies” between the documents required under the regulations and those actually released were “disturbing.”

It follows a 94-page report, conducted by the Treasury’s audit division, in the so-called “Steam Packet-linked Covid cluster”.

Mark Woodward said he felt the report was ‘well executed’ and ‘fair’ but added he was disappointed that ‘the crew’s very clear rationale appears to have been ignored’ .

He said it was “ disturbing ” that the Minister of Health said that “ very clear ” company management advice had been issued for the Manx-based crew, working during the pandemic, and that the company violated it.

According to Mr. Woodward, the impact of these accusations was “considerable”, adding: “I strongly believe that the company and the crew, in particular, owe these statements an apology.”

Discussing the release of legal documentation, Mr Woodward said there was confusion at the senior ministerial level suggesting a “lack of understanding” of the legal requirements adding: “Responsibilities for these discrepancies and misunderstandings clearly lie with the government and not to the Steam Packet Company. ”

Mr Woodward also adds that despite his work under unprecedented circumstances, he considers the Steam Packet’s lack of prioritization during the pandemic to be “ somewhat baffling. ”

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