Manx Independent Carriers responds to ‘gig economy’ allegations


“Erroneous” statements from the Post Office and the Union

Manx Independent Carriers responded to criticism from a workers’ union and the president of the Isle of Man post office.

A dispute began after the courier was awarded a contract from the government to deliver side-flow Covid-19 test kits.

Julie Edge and the Communications Workers Union criticized the move, saying the contract should have been awarded to the taxpayer-funded post office and not to a “gig economy” provider.

Manx Independent Carriers says the statements were incorrect and the contract was awarded fairly through a competitive bidding process.

He assures that all his employees are paid more than the minimum wage, and adds that “Ms. Edges’ comments (as well as those of the spokesperson for the Communications Workers Union) are insulting and demeaning to our hard working staff who does a great job in dispensing the Lateral Flow Kits. ‘

You can read the full statement below:

Manx Independent Carriers would like to comment on the erroneous statement made by IOM Post President Julie Edge regarding the allocation of the distribution of the Covid 19 lateral flow tests.

To begin with, Manx Independent Carriers won this contract in a competitive bidding process. We bid on many contracts all the time, some we win and some we lose, that’s business reality. Our offer is carefully calculated to offer good value for money and unmatched efficiency.

Manx Independent Carriers is a company established since 1985 and is well respected by its customers, including global customers such as UPS, FEDEX and DPD to name a few.

We disagree with Ms Edge incorrectly stating that the government has selected a “gig economy” supplier. Our company does not fit this description.

We directly employ over 130 people in our operation and also employ contract staff to cover peaks and valleys. Each employee is paid more than the minimum wage. Every year, we pay huge sums to the government in VAT, fuel taxes, road taxes, tariffs, NHI, and we are one of the largest accounts of the government IOM Steam Packet Company. All of our income remains in the economy of the Isle of Man. We do not receive any government subsidy.

The distribution process is carried out entirely by our own staff at Manx Independent Carriers and our sister company FCX as well as a number of directly employed subcontractors. No other company is involved.

Ms. Edges’ comments (as well as those from the Communication Workers Union spokesperson) are insulting and demeaning to our hard-working staff who do a great job in distributing the Lateral Flow Kits.


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