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The 30-year-old sex attacker was not charged due to the 22-year-old victim’s lack of cooperation, fearing reprisals. It happened on the Isle of Man, which police say is overrun with drug gangs, many of them from Merseyside.

Tanya August-Hanson MLC, prosecuting in a drug case in Island Court, said: ’22-year-old boy raped by 30-year-old man over debt of less than £500.

And Gary Roberts, Isle of Man Constabulary Chief Constable, said: ‘The young man’s rape was typical of situations that arise in relation to drug debts. And these issues are not exclusive to certain areas from the island.

“Middle-class families have experienced some of these issues.”

Such violence on the Isle of Man is a direct result of the drug economy, reports Echo of Liverpool.

Chief Cons Roberts added: “From a criminal point of view they are very good at what they do. The model is similar but not identical to County Lines. Established Merseyside gangs will use criminals on the island of Man to sell drugs for them.”

Ms August-Hanson read a moving letter from the parents of the rape victim to the court.

“The impact on parents is terrible,” he said.

“Anxiety about the youngster and the difficulty of dealing with related situations can divide couples. Parents often withdraw thousands of pounds from their own savings to pay off a child’s debt.

“Teenagers end up lashing out at their siblings and parents because of the stress of their situation – even in the nicest homes. This is not a problem isolated to ‘poor’ areas. It is a poison that flows throughout the island.

“A dealer will give the child a ket or beak to try. They are usually older teenagers or in their early twenties.

“Some young dealers at the lower levels have completely normal jobs in banks, or trades like carpentry or painting and decorating. I use the word child to reflect the naivety and vulnerability of the youngster. if they have tried ket (ketamine) and or coke (cocaine) they will have to pay for it.As soon as they don’t have the money to pay, they are given shares to sell.

“Never think for a moment ‘it’s just weed and my teenager will grow out of it’. The weed on sale today has the strength of what used to be called skunk.”

Last year, some £42,000 of this cannabis was seized from a 12-year-old boy in the Isle of Man.

Authorities say gang leaders often use children to smuggle drugs.

Chief Cons Roberts continued: “I’ve been in policing for decades and I know that outside of London Merseyside has always been the center of the drug trade.

“But fortunately we work closely with Merseyside Police and the North West Regional Crime Unit and have their full support. The Isle of Man has always been a very safe place to live and we want it to stay that way.”

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