Man dies moments after first meeting father in 35 years

A 56-year-old man was found dead in a traffic accident just minutes after meeting his father in a tragic incident on September 27.

The man, identified as Paul Cowell, had seen his father again after 35 years and was killed 10 minutes later.

Cowell would have been on the Man TT Mountain Course, a road with no speed limits and infamous for its drastic hairpin turns. There are reports that the 56-year-old may have been blinded by the sun as he climbed Mountain Road Guthries.

The father of two and a stepfather had just reunited with his father before tragedy struck according to his stepdaughter, Demi Ramshaw.

“It’s a horrible story. Paul found his father who he hadn’t seen for 35 years for the first time, then ten minutes later he unfortunately lost his life,” she said. “He had faced his two sons. To meet their grandfather for the first time, then he left for one last tour to visit the place where his mother’s ashes had been scattered near Mountain Road.

Cowell’s partner Nicola was shocked to learn of the incident. She reportedly traveled to the Isle of Man to see the 56-year-old, according to the daughter-in-law.

Now the family are trying to find a way to transport Cowell’s remains to Fleetwood to give him a good start. The only problem is that it is expensive. The cheapest they could get is £ 3,091 from JP Dell funeral directors based in Fleetwood.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help raise funds to cover travel costs and funeral arrangements.

“We’re currently at £ 2,570 and have about 10-12 days until the body is released so a little bit of help. We’re really grateful to everyone who has donated so far,” Ramshaw added.

Representation image: Mountain bike Photo by Nandu Vasudevan on Unsplash

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