Lord Frost’s resignation is a blow to the many Tories whose views he represents


SIR – Lord Frost has been reported to have resigned because “he is infuriated by the high spending regime, the obsession with achieving ‘net zero’ environmental goals and Covid vaccine passports”.

I would suggest that his views represent most Conservative voters better than those of the Number 10 regime.

Mike wilkinson
Sea view, Isle of Wight

SIR – When a man of the caliber of Lord Frost resigns from such an important Cabinet post as Brexit Minister, you know there is a very serious problem with Boris Johnson’s government. The EU, the opposition parties and Ireland will be rubbing their hands. His leadership among the increasingly chaotic events of the past few weeks will be sorely missed.

Chris Hunt
Swanley, Kent

SIR – Lord Frost has said he wants “a lightly regulated, low-tax, entrepreneurial economy at the forefront of modern science and economic change.” This is exactly what the majority of the Conservatives want.

Marc Solon
London E1

SIR – David Frost, who was by far the most impressive government minister, has resigned for reasons all too understandable. This country needs a serious prime minister – immediately.

Professor David Blake
London EC1

SIR – Fraser Nelson (Commentary, December 17) speaks for all of us who thought we knew who we were voting for in the 2019 general election.

Personally, I can forgive Boris Johnson’s tendency to be frugal with the truth, last year’s lockdown parties, and even the sleazy allegations, but what I can’t forgive is his betrayal of what many of us thought were his core beliefs.

If Johnson the reporter wrote a column about Johnson the Prime Minister – who is relying on opposition votes to push his anti-liberal legislation through Parliament – he might understand the depth of desperation felt by much of Readership.

Georgina stanger
Caldicot, Monmouthshire

SIR – Charles Moore (December 18) recalls that there are some who have never forgiven Boris Johnson for leading this country out of the EU and towards a better and independent future which will lead, in the medium term, to a stronger economy and better standard of living for the British.

Boris Johnson’s election marked a break with the failed policies of David Cameron and Theresa May. It would be folly to change the leader of the Conservative Party after just two years, despite mismanagement of what will be considered relatively minor issues by the time the next general election in 2024.

The priority now is to publish the Leveling U-up white paper and implement its measures quickly and efficiently. Now is the time for lucid resolution, not the short-term impatience displayed by the Conservative Sir Roger Gale and his colleagues.

John sharp
Great Glen, Leicestershire

SIR – US President Harry S Truman kept a sign on his desk saying, “The money stops here.” The Tories’ defeat in the North Shropshire by-election was not the fault of the press, but of inept leadership, bad decisions and unlucky subordinates.

Mr Johnson shouldn’t be trying to return the ball. If the Conservatives have any hope of staying in government, they must replace it without delay.

Charles Smith Jones
Landrake, Cornwall

SIR – The most telling commentary on the North Shropshire by-elections came from Francis Thomas, a Liberal Democrat, who said: “The Corbynites who voted for us realized that we have much more in common than against.

Be careful what you vote for.

Brian higgins
Eastbourne, East Sussex

Travel restrictions within the EU

SIR – Ursula von der Leyen’s call for PCR tests to allow entry into the EU (report, December 18) may ruin some UK holidays, but it will also hurt the European travel industry, which depends of our business at this time of year.

France and Germany have already closed their borders and have every right to protect their citizens, in the same way Britain had a red list. However, they also deny the freedom to travel by road and rail to other countries that depend on our custom, such as Spain and Portugal. Small EU tourist destinations like Cyprus and Malta will also suffer badly if new restrictions are imposed.

Chris barmby
Tonbridge, Kent

SIR – It appears that the French are perfectly capable of strengthening their border forces to prevent the British from entering, but cannot do the same to detain migrants.

Christine hartridge
Hayling Island, Hampshire

The perils of the post

SIR – I was sorry to read that Elizabeth Ann Ray (Letters, December 16) has not received any messages for three weeks due to her postman’s indisposition.

My missionary grandfather had the same problem in India in the 1920s when his postman was attacked and eaten by a tiger.

His solution was to take care of the deliveries himself.

Graham Hoyland

MONSIEUR – I am happy to report that, despite the pandemic, our number of Christmas cards is on the rise this year. We received two unsigned, three addressed to complete strangers, and five signed by people we did not know at all.

Georges bastin
Woodchester, Gloucestershire

West Side Recall

SIR – You report (Arts, December 15) that the new West Side Story doesn’t get the audience it deserves. It’s a shame because it’s a superb film in every way. As a huge fan of the original, I was skeptical of seeing this one, but enjoyed it so much that I returned to see it again that same week.

David Statham
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire

SIR – Does anyone else agree that White christmas is the most boring and overrated movie of all time?

Graham croft

Computer said no

SIR – When a person performs a lateral flow test for Covid-19, the NHS urges them to report the result, positive or negative, on their website. However, on several occasions after entering the test strip ID number all I get is a message saying “The format of this test strip ID is incorrect” and no further progress is made. is possible.

Many results may not be saved because of this failure.

David Muir
Stoke Gifford, Gloucestershire

Heat pump headache

SIR – Our 15th century stone house with thatched roof is Grade II2 * listed. It benefits from excellent ventilation, which makes it a dry and healthy living environment all year round. We are kept warm in winter and supplied with hot water by our oil-fired boiler.

We reviewed the heat pumps, but were told they would be inappropriate and inefficient for our property. What will happen when oil boilers are banned? Do we have to freeze to death to save the planet?

Geraldine Wills
Chaffcombe, Somerset

A nation that sings

SIR – Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York, writes on the joys of community song (Commentary, December 18). However, his observation that “community singing doesn’t have much of a place in our culture anymore” ignores the hundreds of choirs across the country and the singing lessons that many enjoy.

Eddie lewisohn
London N6

School of thought

SIR – Graham Franklin (Letters, December 17) recalls that Socrates was sentenced to death for having encouraged his students to think.

My school taught me to think, but then I disapproved of when I did – for which I’m eternally grateful.

Alain sears
Woking, Surrey

Glitter and a bobtail

SIR – Having been Playboy Bunny in the ’60s, I have a fabulous collection of’ festive kitchen disco style ‘clothes (Fashion, December 18), which I enjoy putting on again – a cocktail dress at the optician, mini skirt for the dentist. The corner store saw my kaftan and Waitrose gets the glittery number.

Diana M Airey
Warborough, Oxfordshire

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