Letters: Is it time to combine Charleston County law enforcement offices? | Letters to the Editor

Law enforcement agencies across the United States are very few in number.

In Charleston County, is it time to revisit an idea that has been discussed before, but in a radically different time than today?

Should all local agencies in our county be merged into the Charleston Metropolitan Police? It may be that one force is more effective, rather than three or more.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office and the Charleston Police Department patrol James, Johns, and Wadmalaw Islands.

North Charleston Police and Sheriff’s Deputies patrol this northern area.

East of the Cooper, four agencies share law enforcement duties in Mount Pleasant, Palms Island, Sullivan’s Island, and unincorporated areas up to the Georgetown county line.

I offer this proposal as a matter for consideration and perhaps debate by local government leaders.


James Island

Teaching is not easy

Editorial: Here's a great way not to fight the shortage of SC teachers

One of the biggest mistakes with teacher compensation is that they get a lot of paid time off. South Carolina teachers are on contract for 190 days, spread over a year. They do not benefit from paid holidays. I don’t know of any other paid profession that does this.

A teacher’s day does not end at 4 p.m. Teachers must schedule classes for the next day, attend graduate school to maintain certification, grade papers, participate in extracurricular activities, and communicate with parents.

Many young teachers take on extra jobs to pay off student loans and subsidize their salaries.

Many teachers spend more awake time with children than many parents. Many of our teachers spend out of their own pocket to buy extra supplies and help students when needed.

Teaching is not an apple pie. It requires sacrifice, dedication, long hours and a small salary. Our teachers build tomorrow, they are entrusted with our most precious asset: our children.

The state has the most money in our history. State leaders should use some of this money to increase teacher salaries, reduce class sizes and increase starting salaries for beginning teachers. We must reward our veteran teachers with a general pay raise.

Investing in public education is the best investment our state can make for its economic, educational, and social future.



Office of Records Demanding

Charleston County Council urges state lawmakers to act on deed qualifications registry

I read media reports and watched Charleston County Council meetings.

More importantly, I did something that most of our elected officials haven’t done: I actually had a conversation with Register of Deeds Michael Miller.

I saw a man get castigated by many who claim to have reason to interact with or do business in the Deed Registry Office.

No matter how educated or connected a person would be, no one would be able to use the office’s outdated systems while meeting the continued demands of the local real estate market, staff attrition, and challenges related to COVID.


North Charleston

Thanks for the tribute

Johns Island defender and Progressive Club restaurateur Abe Jenkins Jr. dies at 66

I want to thank Post and Courier reporter Adam Parker for the January 20 tribute to Abe Jenkins. His lyrics celebrated Abe’s life and captured his spirit.

I also love the devilish shot of Abe chillin’ in the shade of a grove of oak trees, arms wide and grinning broadly. He was the friend I knew.

There was indeed a wild and wicked spark to this gentle man. Her cheerful laughter opened a door for strangers. It made you feel included, like he trusted you and wanted you in his world.

More than anything, I am grateful for how Abe lightened the load of our heavy work.

With him, the fight to protect the islands from the sea just got a little less painful and a whole lot more fun.

It comes to mind how Abe mirrored the oak trees around him. This great giant, with his quiet power and his broad and all-encompassing love, was the guardian of Johns Island, its land and its people.


James Island

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