Let’s legalize cannabis for recreation


A farmer wants cannabis to be legal for recreational use on the island.

This comes after the opening of license applications for the production, distribution and export of medicinal cannabis from the Isle of Man.

Tynwald passed new regulations in January to create a framework for a medicinal cannabis export industry and appointed the Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) as regulator.

The licenses will provide interested parties with details of the licensing requirements for hemp production and high THC products.

Bob Comish, director of the Manx Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp Association, said: “I am happy that these requests have been brought forward. I still feel quite sad that it is not available for Manx residents [recreationally] anything. ‘

He explained what he wants to be the next step for the island.

“This is definitely a way forward and everything in this world is taking small steps and it is a giant leap for us on the Isle of Man,” he said.

Mr Comish added: “What we are asking is that Isle of Man residents can have access to it, this is really our next type of show.”

“But what I would love to see most is come to a point of full decriminalization, within guidelines with some sort of recreational situation.”

Laurence Skelly, Minister of Enterprise, explained the impact this could have on the Manx economy.

He said: “The growing global medical cannabis market offers a significant opportunity for economic development in the Isle of Man.

“The new regulatory framework and new directions will provide strict and flexible licensing for a wide range of cannabis products, ranging from industrial hemp grown outdoors to medicinal products grown indoors.”

He added: “I am delighted to welcome license applications and look forward to attracting quality businesses to the island, turning the cannabis export sector into a key contributor to the post-Covid economic recovery. from the Isle of Man. ”

Mr Comish, who lives in Ballabeg, founded the Manx Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp Association five years ago with the aim of completely decriminalizing cannabis and hemp and removing them from the black market.

He said: “As long as we keep this illegal, we are fueling the black market.

“I believe that with a good fight we will come to a point of recreation on the Isle of Man.”

He thinks the government should look to the future.

“The next step for the government is to start looking at this in the future in that we as an island can provide our sick, elderly and so on to be able to access it because I know of people who have used it and have benefited massively from it, ”he said.

The 43-year-old continued: “I totally support him.

“I have been fighting for a long time to get a medicinal cannabis license for the Isle of Man as well as the hemp license.”

Mark Rutherford, Director of Policy and Legislation at GSC, said: “The GSC recognizes that there are many stakeholders in this newly created area and intends to extend its philosophy of cooperation with other authorities. governments in their approach to cannabis regulation. “


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