Lady Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’ Oreo cookie to release in January


These cookies are Gaga, oh la la!

Pop icon Lady Gaga announced via social media on Wednesday her partnership with Oreo cookies for her own line of vibrant treats. CNN Entertainment Reports that the cookies were inspired by the singer’s latest album, “Chromatica”, sporting a green trim nestled between two pink cookies.

During the video ad, Gaga can be seen lying on a bed with a pug enthusiastically sniffing the pink chrome wrapping. “So they decided it was a good idea to have a ‘Chromatica’ Oreo,” Gaga says. Pug agrees.

However, these limited edition Lady Gaga Oreos aren’t just pink and green. If fans of the singer watch closely, they can see that the cookie shells are stamped with various Gaga icons inspired by the album “Chromatica”.

The announcement of this cookie on the “Chromatica” theme is also accompanied by a partnership between Lady Gaga and the brand called “Sing It With Oreo”. This campaign seeks to spread some kindness through music across the country for the chance to win Lady Gaga merchandise and other experiences (can you say “concert tickets”?).

Those interested in participating in “Sing It With Oreo” simply need to create a personal “Oreogram”, a message submitted to the campaign website that turns into a song shared with families and friends. This initiative begins on December 15th.

While “Sing It With Oreo” is only a few weeks away, hungry fans will unfortunately have to wait until January for the Lady Gaga Oreo to hit convenience store shelves.

We may just have to sip this again Sweet plum macchiato to make it until then.


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