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68 / wild in the city From the Manchester Climbing Wall to Belle Isle, the Pipeline Promenade and miles of walking and cycling trails, the James River Park System offers a myriad of top-notch outdoor recreation opportunities right in the heart of from the city. This photographic report explores the many facets of one of the region’s greatest assets. Photos of Caroline Martin

78 / Real Estate Guide 2022 Homes selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars above asking price and offers made invisible without inspection – the Richmond real estate rumors are true. We explore the hyper-competitive local real estate market, what is driving demand and how you can prepare to compete. Plus, our third annual list of referred real estate agents. By Scott Bass, Paula Peters Chambers, Erica Jackson Curran and Laura Anders Lee


22 / From the editor


30 / Technology Researchers deploy drones to uncover graves at East End Cemetery.

30 / Law enforcement VCU launches program to assess campus police encounters.

32 / Development City planners are gathering feedback on the Jackson Ward Reconnection Project.

36 / my catch The joys – and self-discovery – of gender-creative parenting By Bethany Frazier

38 / Backtrack Richmond’s first family of art dealers worked small but with big ideas. By Harry Kollatz Jr.

112 / Farewell shot Students at William Fox Elementary move into their temporary home.


44 / Diary Method Man and Redman at Brown’s Island, a Juneteenth Celebration at Hardywood, Amtrak stops at CMOR, “Bonnie and Claire” at Hanover Tavern, and comedian Kevin Nealon at Funny Bone

47 / Questions and answers Heather Waters of the Richmond International Film Festival

48 / Projector Singer Beabadoobee may not like the name she’s made for herself, but she’s making her mark.


54 / Shop There’s a surprise in every box of Book Brigade.

56 / Try that Get out on the ballroom dance floor

58 / Health Wastewater monitoring for COVID-19 trends

62 / Travel Take a road trip to Roanoke.

64 / Family There are cringe-worthy moments behind all those family smiles on social media. By Elizabeth Becker


100 / Profile Lakay Zaz offers a taste of Haiti.

102 / Ingredient Mango

104 / Projector Mike Lindsey, chef and co-owner of Lillie Pearl, Buttermilk & Honey, and more

106 / Questions and answers An unassuming Henrico restaurant houses an authentic shawarma.

106 / Open tab Grill in the summer.

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