Jeff Bezos just dropped $ 105 million on a Hawaiian estate

Despite his enthusiastic plans to conquer space, Jeff Bezos is always happy to call Earth home. So happy, in fact, that he just bought a new estate on the Hawaiian island of Maui. But in Jeff Bezos fashion, the latest addition to his established real estate portfolio includes a private bay and is isolated by lava fields for which Hawaii is well known.

Over the past two years, Bezos has snatched up a $ 114 million New York penthouse, broke the record for the most expensive property ever sold in California, and also lost over half a billion. of dollars on a superyacht. All of that, however, hasn’t curbed his appetite for exclusive ownership, as the second-richest man in the world recently bought a 14-acre resort in Maui, according to Pacific Business News.

According to the local Hawaiian publication, this isn’t exactly an impulse buy. In fact, Bezos has apparently had his eye on real estate in Maui for quite some time, laying the groundwork for the purchase by recently donating an undisclosed sum to the Hawaii Land Trust, which is responsible for conserving the property. environment in Maui.

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The estate in question was never publicly listed, it was previously owned by a holding company that Bezos bought to give him ownership of the land. As a result, the final purchase amount has not been confirmed (and there are no public images of the domain either), but is estimated to be around $ 78 million (AU $ 105 million). , which would break Maui’s previous record of $ 45 million (AU $ 60 million).

Although the estate is located on the sparsely populated coast of the South Rim of Valley Isle, it still has everything you could expect from a billionaire in their latest vacation destination. The main dwelling covers a substantial 4,500 square feet, eclipsing the 1,700 square foot guesthouse, both built in a classic low-rise Hawaiian style.

The estate also has a private beach covered in white sand, a 700 square foot swimming pool and is surrounded by thickly vegetated bush as well as a feature you probably won’t find on any other estate: cooled lava fields. That’s right, he wouldn’t be a true Ian Flemming antihero without the looming threat of an exploration of a nearby volcano, and Bezos managed to find a property with exactly that characteristic.

Jeff Bezos is not the only American billionaire to have set his sights on Hawaii, with Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah and Larry Ellison also recently bought in the island state. With the recent announcement of Jeff Bezos leaving his position as CEO of Amazon, he may also have a little more time to spend in Hawaii.

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