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As solo swimmer Jasmine Harrison reaches Scotland as part of her ‘The Full Length of Swimming Britain’ challenge, she talks to Oceanographic magazine about the goal of the project, the challenges she encounters along the way, and much more.

Jasmine Harrison made headlines in 2021 when she became the youngest solo woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean at the age of 21. Now she has taken on a new challenge: ‘The Full Length of Swimming Britain’ which will see her swim solo from Land’s End in Cornwall to John O’Groats in Scotland to raise money for Surfers Against Sewage and Sea Shepherd UK to help support their work in favor of clean waters and beaches and the protection of wildlife. Asked about her motivation behind these challenges, she says, “If I can handle challenges like this, then I can handle most things in life. I hope everyone will be inspired to take on their own challenges on every level, whether it’s recovering from illness or experiencing world-record adventures.

“I had thought about different challenges after rowing the Atlantic. Because I’ve been a swimmer all my life, it seemed like a good choice. When I found out that only two people had ever done it, both of whom were men, I chatted with Sean Conway – one of them – and quickly decided on a swimming challenge. which is ultimately a mix of a lot of things coming together,” adds Jasmine. .

“I then started to train continuously with my swimming club and I did swimming sessions and very long distance sessions during the winter. Once the weather improved in April, I started long distance open water swimming in local lakes and also road biking to prepare.

Once she started her swimming journey, she swam for about five hours at a time, up to two tides a day. “I swim as long as the weather and sea conditions permit, me, my kayaker and the support yacht. I eat and sleep when I can. The longest time I’ve been in the water was 12 hours straight. It’s a very good day if I reach 15 nautical miles and hope to complete the trip within three months, but it’s very weather dependent.

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