Isle of Man TT scammer doomed


A crook who scammed a TT fan for £ 1,210 has been sentenced to 120 hours of community service by magistrates.

Craig Philip Teare offered to rent bogus accommodation to a woman in the UK after telling her he was part of the island’s TT Homestay program.

Teare took £ 800 for a reservation and then asked for more money to purchase items for the property ahead of his stay.

Tramman Rise man, 35, Anagh Coar, pleaded guilty to misrepresentation fraud and was also ordered to pay back the £ 1,210 by the end of July on pain of 70 days in prison.

As we recorded during her previous court appearance, the victim reported Teare to police in November 2020.

She said she had booked accommodation from June 5, 2021 to June 12, 2021, after Teare told her he had a property available for £ 840 which she paid him.

However, after making the reservation, the woman said Teare contacted her on several occasions and told her that a Homestay representative had visited the property and told her that certain items were needed.

Teare asked her to pay for the items and said he would reimburse her.

She said that at first she refused his requests for more money, but he persisted in asking, so she eventually agreed to transfer more funds.

In total, she paid him £ 1,210 but never received anything in return.

After posting information on TT Homestay’s Facebook page about the issue, she was contacted by the program’s organizers, telling her that Teare was not registered with them.

The woman then decided to give Teare time to pay her back, but he never did.

He was eventually arrested and told police he made efforts to reimburse her, but no evidence was found.

Teare told police the woman had blocked him on Facebook and told him not to contact her.

Teare was previously convicted of fraud by misrepresentation in November 2019 as well as theft and concealment.

Defense attorney Paul Glover has asked magistrates to follow the recommendation of a probation report that suggested community service as an appropriate sentence.

Mr Glover handed over letters of reference for his client as well as a letter of apology from Teare to the woman he hoped to be passed on.

The lawyer said: “It was not the most sophisticated fraud issue. He was on Facebook, the complainant knew his name, bank details and his whereabouts.

Mr Glover asked the court to review section eight of his client’s young child human rights and said the probation report classified Teare as at low risk of reoffending and harm to others.

“He is back to work full time and is a highly skilled laborer,” the lawyer said. “In my opinion, his skills would be very useful in the community.

“One of the most crucial parts of the sentence is that this lady gets her money back.

“In my opinion, if the sentence is custody, she will have to wait much longer because he should get back to work.”

Mr Glover went on to say that Teare said he hoped this didn’t reflect badly on the Isle of Man and that people would think all the people here are crooks.

Magistrates President David Craine told Teare: “This particular fraud is a nasty offense.

“You are almost close to a custodial sentence, but we will follow the recommendation of community service.”


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