Isle of Man general election: who’s running?

The Isle of Man is divided into 12 constituencies, each with two elected members of the House of Keys or “MHK”. This constitutes the 24 MHK which sit in Tynwald.

Below is a list of all constituencies and the 65 candidates hoping to be elected to the House of Keys in the Isle of Man General Election 2021.

Arbory, Castletown and Malew

The constituency of Arbory, Castletown and Malew constitutes a large part of the south of the island. Locations inside include parts of East Rushen, some of the former constituencies of Rusen, Malew, and part of the former capital of the Isle of Man.

Graham Cregeen, Steve Crowther, Tim Glover and Jason Moorhouse. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Graham Cregeen

  • Steve crowther

  • Tim glover

  • Jason moorhouse

Ayre and Michel

The constituency of Ayre and Michael is the northernmost part of the Isle of Man, stretching mainly on the west coast. The locations it contains include Andreas, Ballaugh, Bride, Jurby, Lezayre, and Michael.

Tim Baker, Alfred Cannan, Tim Johnston, Duncan Livingstone and Paul Weatherall. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Tim baker

  • Doctor Sos Boussougou

  • Alfred Cannan

  • Phil corkill

  • Tim johnston

  • Duncan livingstone

  • Paul Weatherall

  • Madeleine Westall

Central Douglas

The constituency of Douglas Central is one of four that make up the capital of the Isle of Man. Douglas is the main business center of the island and this part combines the neighborhoods of Albany, Ballabooie, Eastfield, Somerset, Quay and St Georges, part of Garden City and Tynwald.

Damian Ciappelli, Ann Corlett and Chris Thomas. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Damien Ciappelli

  • Ann corlett

  • Sara hackman

  • Chris Thomas

Douglas East

The constituency of Douglas East is the second of four that make up the capital of the Isle of Man. Its main feature is the promenade which is one of the main riding problems. Other locations within Douglas East include the districts of Crescent, Derby, Strand, Victoria, Windsor and St Ninian’s.

Clare Barber, Joney Faragher, Peter Gilmour, Michael Josem, Jon Joughin, Christine Urquhart and Amanda Walker. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Claire barbier

  • Joey faragher

  • Pierre Gilmour

  • Michel josem

  • Jon joughin

  • Christine urquhart

  • Amanda walker

Douglas North

The constituency of Douglas North is the third of four that make up the capital of the Isle of Man. This is the innermost part of Douglas and includes the TT grandstand. Other locations within Douglas North include the neighborhoods of Willaston and Glencrutchery, other parts of Garden City, and parts of Onchan Parish.

David Ashford, Ralph Peake and John Wannenburgh. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • David Ashford

  • Kevin Oliphant Smith

  • Ralph Peake MHK

  • John wannenburgh

Douglas South

The constituency of Douglas South is the last of the four that make up the capital of the Isle of Man. Other locations within Douglas South include the districts of Anagh Coar, Ballaughton and Pulrose.

Claire Christian, Gérard Higgins, Sarah Maltby and Paul Quine. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Claire Christian

  • Gerald Higgins

  • Sarah Maltby

  • Paul Quine


The constituency of Garff constitutes the north-eastern part of the Isle of Man. Key locations in the region include Laxey, Lonan, and Maughold, but this also includes the majority of Onchan Parish and part of Howstrake.

Daphne Caine, Martyn Perkins, Andrew Smith, Jamie Smith and Gareth Young. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Daphne Cain

  • Martyn perkins

  • Andrew Smith

  • Jamie smith

  • Gareth Young

Glenfaba and Peel

Geoffrey Boot, Kate Lord-Brennan, Trevor Cowin, Tim Crookall, Leo Cussons, Ray Harmer and Mikey Lee. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

The constituency of Glenfaba and Peel forms the middle part of the west coast of the Isle of Man. Peel is the third largest city on the island after Ramsey. In Glenfaba is Tynwald Hill, where the Manx Parliament is held on the island’s national holiday – Tynwald Day. Other localities in the constituency include the parishes of German and Patrick and a small part of Marown.

All applicants

  • Geoffrey boot

  • Trevor Cowin

  • Tim cookall

  • Leo Cussons

  • Ray Harmer

  • Mikey lee

  • Kate Lord-Brennan


The constituency of Middle constitutes, as the name suggests, the majority of central Isle of Man. The other localities of the district include the parishes of Braddan, Marown and Santon.

David Fowler, Keiran Hannifin, Alison Lynch, Stu Peters and Jane Poole-Wilson. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • David fowler

  • Keiran hannifin

  • Alison lynch

  • Stu peters

  • Jane poole wilson


The riding of Onchan is located just north of Douglas and south of Garff. The village of Onchan is the second largest population center on the island after Douglas.

Michael Leather, Rob Callister. James Cherry, Julie Edge and Peter Willers. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Rob callister

  • James cherry

  • Julie bord

  • Michael Leather

  • Peter Willers


Ramsey constituency is a city in the northeast of the Isle of Man and the second largest city on the island. It is bordered by Ayre and Michael to the north, west and southwest and connected with Garff to the southeast.

Dr Alex Allinson, Robert Cowell, Lawrie Hooper, Jonathan Kinrade, Simon Mann, Luke Parker and Leonard Singer. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Dr Alex Allinson

  • Robert cowell

  • Lawrie hooper

  • Jonathan kinrade

  • Simon mann

  • Luc Parker

  • Leonard Singer

  • Erica Spencer


The constituency of Rushen is the southernmost point of the Isle of Man and consists of the villages of Port Erin, Port St Mary and the majority of Rushen Parish.

Dr Michelle Haywood, Mark Kemp, Andrew Langan-Newton and Juan Watterson. Credit: Studio One / FM Energy

All applicants

  • Dr Michelle Haywood

  • Mark Kemp

  • Andrew Langan-Newton

  • Juan watterson

All applicants have been invited to the Studio One / Energy FM debates and a full list can be found under each image.

The Isle of Man general election takes place on September 23, 2021, and you can follow ITV Granada Reports’ coverage online and in the program on Election Day.

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