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The island is expected to attract half a million visitors a year by 2032, according to the government.

Enterprise Minister Alex Allinson presented the government’s goal to the House of Keys last week.

He said: “The Isle of Man visiting agency has a very strong policy and strategy going forward, both to rebuild the reduction in numbers caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the closure of the the aviation industry, and the travel industry as a whole, over the past 18 months; but also to develop the visitor economy and meet the aspiration to have 500,000 visitors to our island by 2032. ‘

The agency’s strategy to encourage tourism, Visit Isle of Man, aims to “improve the island as a special place to live and visit”.

He is currently developing the 2032 “our island, our future” visitor economy strategy.

A spokesperson said: “This is the culmination of a market research and consultancy research program, which has shown enormous growth potential for the economy of visitors to the island.

“The strategy is designed to provide a clear path to take full advantage of these opportunities.

“It is designed to complement the strategies, policies and ambitions of all partner government departments, agencies and bodies, and support the future prosperity of existing and new businesses in the island’s tourism economy.

“It is a strategic document that focuses on improving and developing the accommodation of visitors to the island, the attractions, activities and events offered; raise awareness of the island as a tourist destination and boost the performance of our tourism economy businesses. ‘

In 2018, 145,738 people stayed in paid accommodation on the Isle of Man. Another 98,910 stayed with friends and family, 59,565 business travelers and 4,051 day trippers.

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