Irish Ferries cancel Epsilon services on weekends as ‘operational issues’ lead to five hour trips

Irish Ferries have canceled all services between Holyhead and Dublin on one of their ships after journeys took twice as long due to “operational issues” with the ship.

The crossings from Holyhead to Dublin and vice versa have taken around five hours in the last few days aboard the ship Epsilon.

This resulted in a number of delays and cancellations, with the journey normally taking between two and two and a half hours in total.

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Now the company has canceled all of the ship’s remaining trips between the two ports, meaning only two of the company’s ships – Ulysses and Swift – will make the crossing this weekend.

The route currently taken by Epsilon on its routes from Holyhead to Dublin

The longer trips on the Epsilon were due to the significant detours the ship was forced to take due to the aforementioned “operational problems”.

Eight services were canceled in total this weekend

Customers can view Irish Ferries navigation updates here

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