Inside the Isle of Man Examiner: How an act of Good Samaritan went horribly wrong

The main story in this week’s Examiner is about a rapist who has now been imprisoned.

The deemster has some harsh words about him.

We also talk to the police and victim support.

Also on the front page are problems for passengers whose flights could not reach Ronaldsway in time.

Also in this week’s journal, we talk about Manxman Matthew Lambah, who is back after a mission in Ukraine.

He returned and was banned from driving after an act of Good Samaritan in Peel went horribly wrong.

Two men were jailed for importing cocaine to the island by ferry.

Manx Care is asking people to avoid going to the emergency room at Noble Hospital and to go to Ramsey Cottage Hospital if they have minor injuries.

Just over a year after having only a few months to live, David Halsall, 70, is marching from St John’s to Peel to help the Ukrainian war effort.

A progress report on the island’s climate action plan has been published and of the planned actions, 20 are complete, 27 are in progress, seven have been superseded, three have been closed and three have not started .

The question is also addressed by Daphne Caine, who writes the MHK column this week.

Onchan man Gary Thomas is set to take on three different Three Peaks challenges across the UK for three consecutive days to raise funds for Cruse Bereavement Care Isle of Man.

Just under 85% of people expect the cost of living to get worse over the next year.

Over £2,000 has been raised for three local charities through a huge motorcycle challenge.

The amount of money spent so far on lateral flow testing.

Joshua Stanley Corrin, who was involved in importing £29,000 worth of cannabis to the island by post, has been convicted.

In a separate case, defendant Scott Anthony Johnson said the gang pressured him into accepting delivery of a package of drugs to clear his debt.

Our Word on the Street interviews ask people if key workers should get preferential treatment when it comes to housing.

A theatrical clothing company comes to the island to buy antique and vintage clothing for television and film.

For the photo shoot this week we went to the Isle of Man Flower Festival.

The subject of wool is at the heart of our Food and Agriculture pages.

In Working Week we discover a giant submarine communications cable for the Isle of Man.

Connor Cain won the Junior Under-18 Championships and topped qualifying for the Isle of Man Senior Men’s Golf Championships this weekend. It’s on the last page.

There’s also our letters page, puzzles, a TV guide, and lots of community news.

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