I strongly advise you to leave the Isle of Man as soon as you can.

A homeless man who traveled to the island by ferry and was later found drunk in a doorway has been granted a 12-month parole.

Ryan Wesley Dean was seen begging on Douglas Drive earlier today.

However, his defense barrister, Stephen Wood, said his client had £100 to pay a fine, although he also needed funds to leave the island.

High bailiff Jayne Hughes ordered Dean to pay the £50 prosecution costs immediately or face six days in jail if he defaults.

Prosecuting attorney James Robinson told the court that Dean, who is 39, was seen outside the Villa cafe on Douglas Drive on April 4 in the afternoon.

He was begging for money from members of the public and was stopped by the police, who advised him to leave the scene.

Dean told the officers that he had arrived on the boat and had no fixed address.

The police took him to Graih Homeless Housing and dropped him there.

However, at 5.40pm a member of the public called the police and reported that there was a man sleeping in a doorway at Café Villa.

When the cops arrived, Dean wasn’t there, but empty beer cans were found.

He was later found at 6.55pm in a sleeping bag in a doorway at Christopher’s Dry Cleaners on Queen’s Promenade.

He was said to smell of alcohol, slurring his words, and being unsteady on his feet, with an open bottle of wine nearby.

Dean also had an A4 sized board he used to beg and a tote.

At the time of his arrest, he said, “I’m not exactly drunk.

In court, he pleaded guilty to being found drunk in a public place.

Mr Robinson said Dean had a lengthy criminal record but as the offense was relatively minor he would not seek an exclusion order barring him from the island.

Defense barrister Mr Wood said: ‘Mr Dean told me he had been sleeping outside for six years, traveling around the UK.’

“He says he has been to the Isle of Wight and Dublin and recently visited Lancaster where his mother lives.

“He then went to Morecambe where he decided to stop by and come and visit us.”

Mr Wood said Dean was unemployed and of extremely limited means, but had £100 on him.

The lawyer asked the court to leave his client with enough money to be able to return to the UK and said he had spent a night in the cells for a non-imprisonable offence.

High Bailiff Mrs Hughes told Dean: ‘You were begging in the streets yesterday afternoon and you were given the opportunity to use Graih’s facilities but you refused.

“It appears that you are traveling through the UK. You must not come to the Isle of Man living this way. Any other breach may result in an exclusion order.

“I strongly advise you to leave the Isle of Man as soon as you can.

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